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Alexandria Remodeling Contractor Offers Kitchen Remodeling ServicesFeatured PR

Koncept Design + Build, an Alexandria remodeling contractor, is giving kitchen remodeling services to their customers.
Falls Church, Virginia, United States ( 01/03/2018
Koncept Design + Build is offering kitchen remodeling services to Alexandria, VA residents in need of a change in the kitchen. Through their kitchen remodeling services, the kitchen can change from looking drab and bland to having beautiful tiling and countertops, all the while keeping its functionality as a kitchen. A beautiful kitchen will also look good for the house when it comes time to sell, causing others to look upon it and admire it. Through kitchen remodeling, this Alexandria remodeling contractor works with their clients to create an eye pleasing and long lasting kitchen that will remain functional to the end of time.

The Alexandria remodeling contractor works with all kinds of kitchens of all kinds of sizes. With smaller kitchens, they maximize the space available and make the most of it, working with the customer to create a beautiful looking kitchen space. They follow the client's personal preferences and work with them to decide what goes where, effectively making it usable and pretty. They can also add in various tweaks to the kitchen with their kitchen remodeling services, tweaks that the customer will find actually works with their kitchen. By artfully utilizing what little space there is, they can give the customer what they want without needing to expand.

They can also work with much larger kitchen spaces. Here, the Alexandria remodeling contractor can add or take away anything that will either fit or look out of place in a kitchen. They can add in multiple storage spaces, several fixtures, and more cabinets to the client's content. They can also replace the flooring and give the kitchen countertops a sleeker design. Meanwhile, they also keep in mind functionality and Koncept Design + Build works to make the kitchen usable while looking better than it has ever been before. With a beautiful design, the kitchen can stun onlookers and make one feel good about their cooking space and this Alexandria remodeling contractor works to make that cooking space beautiful.

Koncept Design + Build was founded by Ken Marzullo to perform housing construction and various remodeling projects, including kitchen remodeling. As a remodeling and housing construction company, they provide great service to various counties in Northern Virginia. They work with the homeowners to provide a design and get right to work. With their kitchen remodeling service, one can be sure that their kitchen will look more stunning than it was before. For more information, visit their website at or call 703-810-7270. You can also visit them at 701 W. Broad St, Ste 311, Falls Church, VA 22046.


About Koncept Design + Build

Koncept Design + Build was formed by a family rooted in architecture, engineering, and construction. Our passion for education, hands-on work ethic, and high quality products has earned us our strong, competitive edge in the residential marketplace. We find success in each project by connecting emotionally with every client, allowing us to be more seamlessly integrated into the client's vision and create uniquely beautiful, breath taking results.For more visit


Ken Marzullo
Koncept Design + Build
701 W. Broad St, Ste 311
Zipcode : 22046

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