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Bath Trends Presents the Best Modern Bathroom Vanities in MiamiFeatured PR

Bathroom vanities in Miami are an important part of any major renovation -- read more about the selection we have to offer, and start building right now!
Doral, Florida, United States ( 06/04/2018
The modern bathroom is a sight to behold once it is completely finished and when it is properly designed. If you are making the move from a contemporary bathroom up to a more modern looking one then you are going to need the best modern bathroom vanities in Miami that the industry has to offer. If you are new to the modern look, then you might be wondering what is so different about it and what makes it stand apart from the more contemporary looking bathrooms. The difference can be quite surprising even if it much simpler than you realize.

It All Starts with Modern Bathroom Vanities

If you're going to redesign your bathroom and give it a more modern feel then you couldn't have chosen a better source of materials and fixtures than Bath Trends. We offer a wide variety of modern bathroom vanities which include double sink vanities, single sink vanities, and much more. By embracing the modern look we are able to bring your bathroom into the 21st century - a long overdue improvement for your space.

Bathroom vanities are the centerpiece o your space and they bring you plenty of benefits which include:

Aesthetics - Our modern vanities in Miami are brimming with modernity and feature a sleek, angular look that is sure to impress anyone who walks through.

Minimalism - One of the hallmarks of the modern bathroom is the minimalist look that really not only makes the space look better, but makes it seem larger. A wall mounted bathroom vanity, for example, doesn't need t touch the floor. Floating vanities are becoming more popular as they are able to grant more space below the vanity and even to the sides, depending on the overall size.

Storage - Vanities are without a doubt one of the most important items in your arsenal when it comes to storage, and with good reason. They often feature four or more drawers below the shelf, and with the right vanity, you will be able to store not only your belongings, but the belongings of anyone else who lives in the house and utilizes the bathroom. If you have a double sink vanity then you will have even more storage, so do keep that in mind when you are shopping. While linen cabinets are great, vanities can definitely provide the supplement you need, and help you to keep your most-used items within arm's reach.

A Selection of Faucets like No Other

At Bath Trends many of our vanities come standard with a top of the line faucet comprised of material like brushed nickel, chrome, stainless steel, and more. These high quality materials do a great job of ensuring that you not only get the functional hardware that you need for your bathroom, but also that the hardware in question lasts for a very long time.

As far as the faucets are concerned, once you choose a vanity you will normally have the option to choose the faucet that you want rather than going with one that is pre-chosen for you. This gives you the opportunity to completely customize the look and feel of your bathroom like never before.

Single and Double Vanities

Miami residents will have need of many different vanity types, from the single sink vanity, all the way to the double sink. The one you choose will depend heavily on the type of household you live in, the size of the bathroom, and most importantly the number of people that are using the bathroom in question. Bottom line: Bath Trends has exactly what you need to build the perfect modern bathroom.

Get Top Quality Bathroom Vanities Today

A quick look at our inventory will show you that you are only getting the best when it comes to bathroom vanities. We offer a wide variety of modern looking lines, from Aquamoon all the way to Acclaim. These are not cheap bathroom vanities and are comprised of materials like solid oak, with high end countertops that will stand the test of time. You will pay a bit more for our vanities than you would in most other stores, but you have to remember that you are investing in something that is going to last a lifetime.

While we do have slightly higher prices, we pride ourselves on being able to provide low cost, highly modern bathroom vanities. It won't be long before you have a bathroom full of the most amazing bathroom accessories. Review our site, visit one of our showrooms, and most importantly, build the bathroom that you have always wanted - a bathroom that will keep up with the times.


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