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Fairfax Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Discusses NOVA Bathroom RemodelingFeatured PR

Dirt Connections, a Fairfax bathroom remodeling contractor, released a blog post cautioning against do-it-yourself bathroom remodeling, which can be a bigger strain on time and finances than anticipated.
Annandale, Virginia, United States ( 09/07/2018
Dirt Connections, a Fairfax bathroom remodeling contractor, released a blog post cautioning against do-it-yourself bathroom remodeling. While it may seem like a cost-cutting strategy, DIY remodeling can ultimately be a bigger strain on your time and money than anticipated. The Northern Virginia bathroom remodeling specialists laid out several reasons to consider hiring a professional.

Bathrooms are one of the most commonly-remodeled rooms. Many homeowners seek a simple upgrade for aesthetic reasons, while others may be on a mission to correct poor construction or lower utility bills. Others may decide that it's time for a treat and choose to install a jacuzzi bathtub, sauna shower, or luxe vanity set up to make the room feel more like a spa. Whatever the reason, it can be tempting to complete the repairs or renovations yourself, despite the number of problems that could arise as a result.

Homeowners who tackle a remodel of their bathroom on their own can run into several problems. First, it's inadvisable to even demolish anything in the bathroom without professional help, as homeowners who do so may not notice leakage and other problems until it's too late to address them. After demolition is complete, it's important to consider the layout of the new bathroom, as a failure to do so could result in purchasing a bathtub that does not fit in the available space, for example. A professional contractor will take the size of each item and space into consideration before beginning the project, ensuring that no materials or money will be wasted. Installing plumbing, rewiring the bathroom, or making other structural changes without proper training can cause dangerous results, leaving the home open to water or electrical damage. It's best to hire a professional who can complete these projects safely. When it comes time to re-install walls, homeowners often fail to properly sand and finish the drywall, leading to visual imperfections that a professional would never leave behind. Finally, DIY bathroom projects can also take significantly longer than those done by a professional, leading to much more time than necessary having minimal use of one of the most important rooms in the house.

Dirt Connections has years of experience in Northern Virginia bathroom remodeling. The firm's Fairfax bathroom remodeling contractors provide free estimates and can complete a variety of projects, from installation of new fixtures to a complete remodel. Dirt Connections prides itself on maintaining a clean workspace and completing assignments on time.

To speak with a professional bathroom remodeling contractor about your bathroom remodeling needs, call Dirt Connections at 703-940-9949 or visit their website at Dirt Connections serves homeowners in the Metro DC area and is headquartered at 8309 Crestridge Road, Fairfax Station, VA 22039.


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