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Cameco Corporation is the leading uranium mining company based on total uranium production in 2009
Hyderabad, AP, India ( 22/06/2010

"Global Top 10 Uranium Mining Companies Benchmarking Analysis "

Uranium Production: Cameco enjoys its dominant position in the global uranium mining industry with a total production of about 8,009 tU from three geographical territories in 2009. Uranium One Inc had the highest production growth rate among the top 10 uranium mining companies. The company’s production grew by 27.3% during the period 2005-2009. The other largest uranium producing companies were Areva and Rio Tinto in 2009. The total uranium production of the top 10 mining companies increased at a rate of 1.78% from 26,005 tU in 2005 to 27,907 tU in 2009. BHP Billiton recorded a production of 2,955 tU from operations in only one mine making it the largest company in terms of average production per mine.

Uranium Reserves: The total reserves of the uranium mining companies decreased from 697,177 tU in 2008 to 669,270 tU in 2009. BHP Billiton, Cameco Corporation, Areva, Rio Tinto Plc and Uranium One Inc. are the largest companies in terms of reserves as of 2009. In terms of increase in reserves, Paladin Energy Ltd is the best performer amongst its peer groups. The top uranium mining companies added 94,349 tU of reserves by the year 2009. Performance and Scope of Operations: With 31.48% return on capital employed, 29.9% return on fixed assets, Energy Resources of Australia Ltd was the top ranked company in terms of performance metrics in 2009. Paladin Energy was the fastest growing uranium mining company with a 227% growth in revenue during 2005-2009.

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