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As we live in a globalized world, business and collaboration between companies from different countries is growing rapidly.
Miami, Miami, United States ( 06/02/2019
Logically, this increases the volume of exchanged information and therefore technical translation services are extensively demanded in the market.

Technical translations have specific characteristics. It is necessary to describe technological processes as accurately as possible, correctly translate specialized terms and maintain an appropriate presentation style. The translation of technical documents, such as user instructions of hardware or software products, requires both linguistic and professional competences. A technical translator must have the ability to translate and excellent linguistic skills ir order to perform translation services of great professional quality.

In addition to the basic requirements when translating technical texts, it is very important that translators possess professional competences and experience in the text´s related fields. The perfect translator to develop the job is a professional expert with experience in the field. This type of translations needs to contain the appropriate specific terminology. Because of that, translators may need to work together with experts in the field, who may be from professionals with appropriate specialization to specialists with university scientific qualifications.

When it comes to translating technical literature there is no unimportant information. That is why it is not acceptable any deviation from the strict norms of technical translations.

There are basically seven types of technical translations: (View Pangeanic)

1. Technical document translation. This documents contain specific information related to different areas of expertise. The particularity of this type of translation not only lies in the accurate translation of individual words, phrases and sentences. The translator must also master the discipline specific contents, and this is what makes him qualified to perform this type of translation.

2. Passport translation. Because of the importance of the information specified in passports, this kind of translation is difficult and can only be done by a translator who knows the technical terms perfectly. This type of translation also requires eye for detail for all the rules and regulations applicable in the sector.

3. Scientific-technical literature translation. This kind of specialized work requires a high level of knowledge and great experience because the translator not only has to accurately convey the text meaning, but also he must reproduce the particular style used by the authors of the original text.

4. Technical text translation. This texts require the use of specific terminology without changing the general meaning. These translations can be about automotive, construction or other very technical issues. This type of translation has a very important characteristic: the translator must deeply understand the subject that is being translated. This is especially true as sometimes the technical terms do not have an exact equivalent in the target language.

5. Software localization and interface translation. This type includes a wide range of services designed to adapt interface elements, auxiliary files and documentation. These tasks are carried out by specialists with excellent technical and scientific knowledge.

6. User instructions translation. The translation of instructions for different devices and equipment, user manuals, installing and repairing equipment guides requires excellent linguistic skills and ability to express complex concepts using simple expressions.

7. Equipment catalogs translation. The translation of equipment catalogs is usually carried out in close collaboration with the client as in most cases the translator must strictly follow internal glossaries and translation and format documentation standards given by the client.
In every case of technical translations, mistakes are not allowed as they could be dangerous for both humans and companies benefits.

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