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Fairfax Roof Repair Contractors Educate Readers On Roofing UnderlaymentFeatured PR

Beyond Exteriors, a Fairfax, VA roofing contractor, recently shared a blog that explains the importance of roofing underlayment
Chantilly, Virginia, United States ( 21/01/2020
Beyond Exteriors, a Fairfax, VA roofing contractor, recently shared a blog that explains the importance of roofing underlayment. This element of roof construction can help protect your home during severe weather and ensure that you and your property stay warm and dry during the winter season.

Roofing underlayment is a water-resistant barrier installed directly onto the roof deck. Roofing underlayment serves as protection from water and snow, keeping your home dry throughout the year. There are three main types of roofing underlayment. Asphalt saturated underlayment is water resistant but not waterproof and best suited to particular roof slopes, while rubberized materials can be ideal for high-temperature situations. Synthetic underlayments, meanwhile, are light, high strength, and resistant to fungal growth. The type of roofing underlayment your contractor selects will depend on a variety of factors, including typical weather patterns in your area, the slope of your roof, the type of fasteners needed, and other unique considerations.

All homes should have some kind of roofing underlayment material as part of their roof structure. Roofing underlayment protects against moisture to ensure that your roof remains stable. It is also water resistant, helping prevent leaks that could damage your walls and property inside the house or fungus that could disrupt the stability of the roof. Finally, underlayment provides additional protection against the elements. While a roof alone can keep out rain, snow, and wind, underlayment acts as a strong support for a more comfortable home and can be particularly beneficial to homeowners in areas that experience heavy rain or snow for long periods of the year.

Contact the roofing professionals at Beyond Exteriors for more information about roofing underlayment or for a new roofing underlayment installation. The company's experienced contractors can help you choose the right underlayment for your home, install it professionally and accurately, and provide regular maintenance to ensure your roof provides adequate protection for many years to come. Beyond Exteriors serves homeowners in the Northern Virginia area and can be contacted online at or by phone at 703-854-9820. The firm is headquartered at 14524 Lee Road, Unit E, Chantilly, VA 20151.


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