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Dyson Hand Dryer Helps Businesses to be More Eco-Friendly While Also Minimizing ExpensesFeatured PR

The Dyson Airblade helps businesses adopt environmentally friendly technology while also cutting down on expenses.
Oklahoma, OK, United States of America ( 05/07/2010

"Direct Seed Distribution, LLC "

Oklahoma City, Okla.- As American companies attempt to become more ecological, many companies are put off by the high price of "eco-friendly" goods.

One area with an environmentally friendly solution that can be a shrewd business decision is paper towel expenses. Today, many businesses are turning to the new Dyson Airblade(TM) to cut costs and go green.

Blain Pinard, sales director for Direct Seed, LLC, a leading Dyson Airblade distributor, said business owners often see sizeable long and short term financial savings when putting in Airblade(TM) units.

“The Dyson Airblade can dry the hands of 22 people for the expense of only one paper towel, and it uses 80 percent less energy than conventional warm-air hand dryers,” said Pinard. “Since paper towels create approximately 1.1 million tons of landfill waste per year, businesses get a rare opportunity to conserve funds and help make a more ecological environment.”

One Oklahoma City-based business is already seeing positive results from their newly installed Dyson Airblades(TM). Dick Stubbs, the owner of the nationally known Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, said he expects to save up to $6200 in paper towel expenses this year alone from putting in seven Airblade(TM) units.

“You don’t think about how much paper towel waste a single bathroom creates in a day until you look at the numbers,” Stubbs said. “When you do, it’s baffling. I can’t imagine how much landfill it contributes to.”

One more well-known Oklahoma company noticing benefits from the Airblade(TM) is Crest Foods. Jeff Fulks, Crest Foods general manager, said bathrooms in the business's stores are cleaner since putting in Airblade(TM) units.

“We don’t have paper towels strung across the floors,” Fulks said. “We’re just not having to deal with the mess.”

The Airblade(TM) is the only certified sanitary hand dryer in the U.S. and is perfect for businesses that must meet health department regulations as it contains a HEPA filter that cuts out 99.9 percent of bacteria in the air. The Airblade(TM) can dry a person's hands in about 12 seconds which means it is ideal for different types of companies including high trafficked ones such as hospitals, airports, stadiums and other high volume public restrooms.

Regarding Direct Seed, LLC.

Direct Seed Distribution, LLC is an Oklahoma City-based distributor of eco-friendly and clean technology, such as the new Dyson Airblade(TM) commercial hand dryer. For more information, look at the company’s web page at or telephone 405-243-3300.

Regarding the Dyson Airblade(TM)

The Dyson Airblade is the fastest, cleanest hand dryer out there. It is powered by Dyson’s own digital pulse motor, which forces air out at 400 miles per hour and practically scrapes water from your hands like a windshield wiper. The Airblade is NSF and HACCP certified, helps buildings achieve LEED credits through the U.S. Green Building Council and it has earned a number of additional international awards and certifications.



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