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Fundraising opportunities for your organizations brought to you by We help manage the event from start to finish no matter which sales avenue you choose.
Minneapolis, MN, United States of America ( 12/07/2010

"" can help, offering your organization simple and effective ways to fundraise""

Interested in a fundraising event, but aren’t sure where to find the funding or means to begin? can help, offering your organization simple and effective ways to fundraise. Our three fundraising options provide you opportunities that:

Can get started immediately
Require no up-front financial cost
Require no product handling or delivery by you
Offer the chance to fundraise with high quality, trusted uniform brands
Scrubadoo offers three basic fundraising options: Web Sales, Scrubs Sales, and Gift Card Sales.

The web sale fundraiser offers a free and simple option that can be started immediately at no financial cost or obligation to you! When you sign up for a Web Sales scrub fundraiser your group will receive a unique discount code. You give this code out to everyone you can, when they shop at and use the code they will receive a discount and a percentage of all the sales are donated back to your organization. It really is that simple! Just give people a discount for the scrubs they are already buying! You can even use the code yourself.

If you are more apt to personal selling you may want to try scrub sales. You are able to set up your own scrub stand and sell right from there. Scrubadoo works with you to help organize the dates, inventory, or anything else you may need. A scrub sale also offers you the opportunity to customize the scrubs you are selling with embroidery or screen printing. Having inventory on hand is a proven way to make sales and raise money immediately. If you are worried about running out of inventory, we are happy to accept additional orders after your sale date.

The final, and most popular, fundraising option is selling gift cards. When you sign up to do a gift card fundraiser with Scrubadoo you have no financial costs or obligations, no inventory, and if you don’t sell all of your cards, we will take all of the leftovers back – no questions asked! The gift cards can be used on any of our products so your customers get the scrubs they already need and you raise money!

The cost for the gift card option is also variable, however prices can run as low as $100. If you choose physical gift cards it may take up to 2 weeks to receive them, and we do ask for initial payment. The rest is up to you to begin getting the word out. However is always there to help you advertise and we will take care of the orders and inventory for you. You’ll see immediate result and it is a convenient hassle free way to fundraiser. All you have to do is email with a group name, contact name, contact information and we’ll work with you from there.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities to fundraise with scrubs just email with both your group’s name, contact person, and contact information. We will respond back within 24 hours to get your fundraiser started. We even provide you will the advertising materials, support, and sales strategy that you need!

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