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Oil and Gas Supply Demand Outlook in the Americas to 2020 Featured PR

North American Oil and Gas Production to Increase at AAGRs of 2.1% and 0.7%, Respectively, Between 2010 and 2020
London, London, United Kingdom ( 13/07/2010

"Oil and Gas Supply Demand Outlook in the Americas to 2020 "

North America is expected to witness growth in the production of both oil and gas in the next 10 years. In addition to strong growth in demand, the development of oil and gas shale fields will result in strong growth in oil and gas production from North America. Between 2010 and 2020, North American oil and gas production is forecast to increase at Average Annual Growth Rates (AAGRs) of 2.1% and 0.7%, respectively. Accordingly, the US and Canada will together produce 9,746,000 barrels per day of crude oil and 27,047.9 Bcf of natural gas in 2020.

By 2015, Brazil will emerge as South and Central America’s largest crude oil producer, surpassing Venezuela and Mexico. With substantial reserves found in offshore waters of Brazil, the country is expected to increase its production by an average of 7.8% per annum. Further, amidst increasing usage of hydroelectricity and ethanol production from sugarcane, the demand for fossil fuels is expected to remain low in Brazil in the medium to long term. Accordingly, most of this production growth is expected to be exported to other nations.

Mexico is considering the construction of three new LNG regasification terminals in addition to the existing Energia Costa Azul LNG and Altamira LNG terminals. The country witnessed a strong surge in gas demand in the recent past. This growth in gas demand is mainly fuelled by the increasing number of gas-fired power plants in Mexico. Between 2010 and 2020, the natural gas demand in Mexico is expected to increase at an AAGR of 4.2% while production will decline at a negative AAGR of 0.1%.

GBI Research’s new report, “Oil and Gas Supply Demand Outlook in the Americas to 2020 – Increasing Oil and Gas Production Changing the Industry Dynamics”, provides an in-depth analysis of the oil and gas supply and demand outlook in the Americas and highlights the various concerns, shifting trends and concerns in the Americas. The report provides forecasts for the crude oil production and consumption sectors of the oil and natural gas industry to 2020. The report also provides segmental forecasts of the crude oil and natural gas trade balance in North America and South America and highlights the major countries in the region. The report discusses the regulatory structure and infrastructure in the different countries in the region.

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