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web-based transcription support offered for all EMR/EHR/PM application software, including CosmetiSuFeatured PR

CosmetiSuite Electronic Office Solutions now provided with web-based transcription support through VPN setup/Browser login by Medical Transcriptions Service
diamond bar, california, United States of America ( 10/08/2010

"web-based transcription support offered for all EMR/EHR/PM application software, including CosmetiSuite Electronic Office Solutions"

Web-based medical transcription support is now available for CosmetiSuite Electronic Office Solutions application software in use by practices, Medical Transcriptions Service, the company providing the service, offers similar support for other EMR/EHR/PM applications as well.
The technical team from the company coordinates with the IT division in establishing VPN connectivity with the application, enabling the transcribers to access and document patient encounter narrations read by physicians in the centralized voice recording system of the application, the service is also available for applications that allow browser login.
The highlight of the company’s service is that physicians are able to review the documented reports in 12 hours, after narrating patient encounters. They document STAT reports in just 2 hours. The objective of the company is to provide healthcare facilities the best possible web-based transcription support. Many of the healthcare facilities face shortages of in-house staff for documenting patient records, and through a web-based platform, they will be able to overcome these difficulties.
The company’s medical transcribers that provide the service are located in low-wage economies, and therefore the costs of documenting the reports are exceptionally low. An editor proofreads the reports documented by the transcribers before sending them to the physicians for review. The company complies with all HIPAA guidelines in strict accordance.


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