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H & F Manufacturing Corp Introduces Line of Virtually Unbreakable Multi-Wall PanelsFeatured PR

H & F Manufacturing has introduced a new product line of impact resistant multi-wall panels that greatly minimize damage in hazardous situations.
Doylestown, PA, United States of America ( 24/08/2010

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H & F Manufacturing has announced that they are now offering impact resistant multi-wall panels that offer extremely high impact resistance, minimizing the risk of breakage from vandalism, harsh weather conditions, and accidental impacts. Multi-Wall panels from H&F Manufacturing create the ultimate atmosphere, giving a sense of openness, and maximizing advantages of nature while protecting from its elements. Multi-Wall sheets provide a broad range of excellent solutions for a variety of applications such as skylights, sidelights, roofing, siding, walkways, room dividers, pool enclosures and greenhouses.

Other benefits:
• Excellent Insulation
• Controlled Daylight Transmission
• Virtually Unbreakable
• Flame Retardant
• Flexible and Easy to Install
• Lightweight
• UV Blocking Layer
• Environmentally Friendly

H & F Manufacturing Corporation has been a leader in the manufacturing of plastic siding, roofing, and louver panels since 1973. Their line of Phase-2® pvc and Unitrex® polycarbonate panels are the ideal building materials for any application requiring durability, chemical and UV resistance, and a "new look" appearance. H & F Manufacturing Corp.’s versatile Phase-2 PVC Sheets and Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Panels have become the industry standard. They offer different products for a variety of applications.


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