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With the global economy expected to recover in 2010, energy consumption in the OECD economies is expected to grow.
kent, sidcup, United Kingdom ( 29/12/2009

"Global Total Energy Consumption Is Expected To Recover In 2010"

The total energy consumption in the OECD economies is expected to continue to witness a negative growth in 2009. However, with the global economy expected to recover in 2010, energy consumption in the OECD economies is expected to grow. The improving economic conditions in 2009 and the expected recovery in 2010 will further drive the growth in energy consumption in these economies.

Under normal circumstances, the fall in asset valuations would have increased the M&A activity. However, the uncertainty in the global economic outlook, highly volatile commodity prices and tight credit availability had a negative effect on the deal activity thereby decreasing the deal activity. Since then, the commodity prices have been increasing and the global economy is showing some signs of recovering from the recession. Global economy is expected to grow at a positive rate in 2010. These factors and comparatively lower asset valuations is expected to usher a new wave of merger and acquisitions in the upstream oil and gas industry by the end of 2010.

Capital expenditure of oil and gas companies after surging from 2007 to 2008 has witnessed a significant decrease in 2009. However, in 2010 capital expenditure activity is expected to go up, driven mainly by large National oil companies. With oil prices starting to stabilize at $60-80 per barrel level and as the economic intervention by the governments across the globe take effect, oil and gas companies are expected to increase investments in 2010. However, these plans of 2010 and beyond are largely dependent on commodity prices, commodities’ demand-supply and reduced costs of oil services.

Global Markets Direct’s new report “Top Ten Global Energy Trends in 2010” provides an in-depth analysis of the top global trends in the energy sector in 2010 with challenges and future prospects for the overall industry. The report provides critical analysis of the various trends in the different segments of the energy industry including oil and gas upstream and downstream, unconventional and offshore oil and gas sectors, nuclear energy, alternative energy, electricity sector and coal sector. The report also provides deal analysis of the oil and gas, nuclear and alternative energy sectors. The major areas of focus include impact of the financial crisis and the after effects of the crisis and the global economic recession on the energy sector. Challenges in conventional as well as non conventional energy sector, technological developments in new and alternative energy sectors and the nuclear industry are also analyzed. The global economic recovery and the impact on the capital expenditure in the petroleum industry in 2010, growing trend towards the offshore oil and gas industry and the approach of the oil and gas companies to prepare for the upturn are some of the other issues that have been analyzed in the report. The report highlights and analyses the most critical trends or issues in the global energy sector in 2010.

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