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A performance dance that originated in the Italian Renaissance Courts in the 15th Century, ballet later further developed in France, England and Russia when it became a concert dance form. Today, ballet is a highly technical form of dance with its very own vocabulary, and is primarily performed accompanied by classical music.

Ballet has fast become an influential form of dance and is taught at dance schools throughout the world, each which use their own cultures and societies within each ballet. Ballets are choreographed by trained artists, and include dancers who mime and act throughout the performance.

Ballet is very hard to achieve and takes a lot of practice to master, one particular reason why children take classes from such a young age. There are various dance schools throughout the UK that offer ballet lessons not only to children but also to adults. A great way of getting fit, many adults take up ballet because of the enjoyment and satisfaction they can get from performing in front of audiences. It is vitally important that if you're considering taking up ballet that you have the appropriate clothing that is required to perform.

Ballet dancers typically wear a leotard, a unisex skin-tight garment that covers the torso. In addition, ballet dancers also wear pointe shoes, worn when performing pointework. Pointe shoes have been developed with the idea of making dancers appear weightless, and have been evolved in order to allow performers to dance on the tips of their toes for extended periods of time. Usually worn by female dancers, pointe shoes in the current day and age can be seen worn on many male dancers as well.

Manufactured in a variety of colours, the most common colour to find pointe shoes is in light pink. Pointe shoes have two fabric ribbons and an elastic band to secure the shoe to the foot. The two ribbons are wrapped around the dancer's ankle in opposite directions, overlapping one another to form a cross at the front. Pointe shoes don't always come with these ribbons attached; it is up to the dancer to determine the location for the ribbons as incorrect placement can result in the shoe not fitting properly.

There are a number of websites that can be easily found through the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing that offer a broad range of ballet shoes, including a variety of colours and sizes. Unlike high street stores online retailers don't have costly overheads so you're automatically passed on the savings. Once you have chosen an appropriate pair of ballet shoes, you can make your purchase online and have your items delivered directly to your front door.

Upon receiving your shoes, it is vitally important that you break them in. In order to improve the fit of your ballet shoes, there are a number of methods which are used to make them more comfortable including wetting the toes boxes and then wearing them and heating them to soften the glue, although it is worth bearing in mind that such methods can shorten their usable lifetime.

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