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Lucifer Furnaces Supplied To Sossner Steel StampsFeatured PR

Sossman Steel Stamps has recently set up two Lucifer Furnaces, one heat treating & one industrial oven.
Doylestown, PA, United States of America ( 11/09/2010

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Lucifer Furnaces, Inc. has supplied Sossner Steel Stamps, manufacturer of high quality, precision engineered marking and decoration stamps, with both a heat treating furnace and an industrial oven for their facility in Elizabethton, Tennessee. The high temperature box furnace with chamber dimensions of 12” x 12” x 18” will be used to harden their precision machined high speed steel tool and die parts. The unit contains 6.5” of high grade ceramic fiber insulation and mineral wool block which insures minimal shrinkage of chamber lining, reduces heat loss and lowers overall power demand. Silicon carbide heating elements mounted across the roof and below the silicon carbide hearth plate are easily serviced via removable covers on both sides of the furnace. An SCR power supply provides a steady low amperage and voltage supply to the heating elements for longer life. A double pivot horizontal swing door keeps the hotface door surface away from the operator at all times. The forced air recirculating oven reaches 1600°F and will be used to temper the same parts. A stainless steel liner in the oven forms the work chamber, shielding the heating elements and directing the air flow in a uniform horizontal pattern. Both units are bench models and situated on tables built to a height that easily suits the loading/unloading of the parts.

Lucifer Furnaces, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of industrial ovens and industrial furnaces - heat treating equipment for over 65 years. Originating from a small loft on Broad Street in downtown Philadelphia in 1945, with the production of basic box furnaces, the company has grown in size, developing an array of new product lines and expanding to their present location in Warrington, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

All Lucifer Furnaces are constructed using the highest quality materials to deliver superior performance and dependability. Built with economy in mind, the products feature compact design, easy installation, energy efficient operation and easy-to-replace low watt density heating elements for longer life.


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