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Press Releases in Sunday, October 16, 2011

  • 311

    Diwali Delight at Coral Deira - Dubai

    At the Coral Deira, Dubai, all plugs are being pulled out this Diwali to ensure that you do not miss out on the true taste of the Festival of Lights. Rasoi, the restaurant that has become synonymous with the real taste of what gets cooked in Indian kitchens, will be a hosting a special Diwali buffet so that you can relive all your gastronomic fantasies.

    By : | 10-16-2011 | Business:Advertising Or Marketing | Total Views : 311

  • 318

    Free Family Rooms on Offer From Coral and Corp Executive Hotels in the Middle East & Africa

    HMH – Hospitality Management Holdings has announced an autumn promotion* ‘Your Family is On Us’ at selected hotels across the Middle East and Africa offering major benefits for family travel, valid through to December 15.

    By : | 10-16-2011 | Business:Advertising Or Marketing | Total Views : 318

  • 298

    A Wide Collection of Patek Philippe Watches

    World of Luxury, Inc. is having many varieties of watches for men, collectible watches, and gold and diamond time pieces.

    By : | 10-16-2011 | Business:Business | Total Views : 298

  • 355

    SHOWTIME is First Media’s world class Video On Demand now launches partnering with HBO Asia

    SHOWTIME, the Video on Demand services from First Media enable the customers to enjoy the best of international, regional and local content anytime. It’s like having their own personal video library to choose from. Showtime empowers the customer to enjoy the movie experience just by selecting the movie they want to watch and play. They don’t need to wait for the TV schedules, it’s all in their control

    By : | 10-16-2011 | Technology:Telecommunications | Total Views : 355

  • 431

    ManifestYourGoals Announce New Website Launch today announced the launch of a new website aimed at helping people to achieve their goals, develop a positive mindset, improve personal productivity, and shed the disempowering beliefs that may be holding them back.

    By : | 10-16-2011 | Blogging And Social Media:Blogging And Social Media | Total Views : 431

  • 596

    Stephen Shapiro Shows How to Avoid One-Hit Wonder Syndrome: Best Practices Are Stupid

    One-hit wonders might be memorable. But really - they're not respected or considered mega successful. That's why it's so vital to continuously innovate in big ways. Innovation expert Stephen Shapiro details this syndrome in his new book, "Best Practices Are Stupid".

    By : | 10-16-2011 | Art and Entertainment:Books | Total Views : 596

  • 340

    New York Laser Aesthetics is Proud to announce Cutting edge of Laser hair removal technology

    New York Laser Aesthetics is proud to announce that they are continuing to accept new clients. Men and women are invited to experience the cutting edge of laser hair removal technology.

    By : | 10-16-2011 | Health and Fitness:Healthcare | Total Views : 340

  • 380

    Leading Online Sports Handicappers to Bring Big Discounts to New Players, one of the leading online sports handicappers in the world, has announced a 20% discount to all new players.

    By : | 10-16-2011 | Business:Markets | Total Views : 380