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    New File Sharing Service for JonDonym Premium

    JonDonym is offering its premium costumers a highly anonymous file sharing service. The JonDonym Storage uses the software Tahoe-LAFS.

    By : | 11-01-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 484

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    Apimac Protect Files: encrypting files and folders has never been easier

    Apimac Protect Files makes it easy to protect your files, folders and documents with secure encryption and password technology; designed to provide a quick solution that guides users step-by-step in creating and managing encrypted spaces.

    By : | 10-19-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 503

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    Web Data Mining Services And Useful Data Collection- Very Beneficial For Websites

    The advent of latest data extraction services has only augmented the overall scenario of websites and web pages in the most outstanding manner for the betterment of users.

    By : | 10-18-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 449

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    JonDo 00.16.001: Automatic error recognition and easier usability

    Today, JonDos publishes a new version of the JonDo-Software, an IP changer and IP anonymization program, that you can use for anonymous surfing in the Internet with high security anonymous proxy servers.

    By : | 09-30-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 612

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    New PC Performance Tool Is Now Available On Registry Cleaner Reviews Website!

    Almost everyone nowadays has a home PC or laptop computer. Many times these machines will be loaded with useless information that slows down performance and uses up valuable disk space.

    By : | 09-23-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 608

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    Best Video Converter For Flip Family----Flip Ultra/HD Flip Mino/HD And Flip Slidehd

    Doremisoft announced the release of Doremisoft Flip Video Converter for Windows (including the millions of 62-bit Windows 7,Vista) users. Flip converter can instantly convert all of your Flip video for easily enjoying.

    By : | 10-14-2010 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 497

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    Cloud Computing Providers, Cloud Services Providers In USA

    Are you looking for cloud computing providers? Need efficient cloud services & solutions? Then we are the correct option for your cloud needs.

    By : | 10-13-2010 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 425

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    Segments from David Skoll's appearance on ConnectWise TV Released

    Roaring Penguin Software President David Skoll discusses the CanIt - ConnectWise integration with Jeannine Edwards from Connectwise and Chris LaFlamme of Doppelgaenger Network Security Inc.

    By : | 10-13-2010 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 537

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    Affordable SEO Services at Affordable Price

    Affordable SEO packages designed by for small businesses, midsized companies and large corporations alike who need reliable & Affordable SEO services at affordable prices.

    By : | 10-12-2010 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 502

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    Introducing Digital Images Recovery Software by Recover Data

    Recover Data for Digital Images Recovery tool can successfully get back Windows images from formatted and crashed memory card, pen drive, digital camera and many more. This recovery software for digital images is compatible with most of the file format such as JPG, JPEG, TIF, GIF, RiFF, 3gp, MPEG, MOV, WAV, MIDI, TIFF, AVI, PNG, BMP and etc.

    By : | 10-11-2010 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 480