Press Releases for Nokia N9

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    Smartphones News - Top 3 Cell Phones Will Be Releasd In October

    iPhone 5 would be even thinner and wider. Equipped with A5 dual-core processor and iOS 5 operating system, that's a lifetime in cellphone years...In addition to iPhone 5 that will be realeased in October, China MIUI MI-ONE cellphone and Nokia N9 smartphone with MeeGo OS both are in full swing.

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    Nokia N900 Contract Deals : Extraordinary Performance at Cheaper Rates

    Nokia has been presenting Nokia N900 Contract Deals to let phone lovers enjoy high performance based features of the handset at competitive rates.

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    Nokia N97 vs iPhone, Who is Better?

    Nokia as a competitor point of the Apple’ iPhone, Nokia N97 has a full touch LCD screen features of natural.

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