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New Study Shows Companies Considering LED Lighting Retrofits To Save Energy Costs in Future

Commercial lighting survey from Sylvania highlights perceived benefits from LED
Woodstock, GA, United States of America ( 22/10/2010
The energy saving potential of LED lighting retrofit projects has been well documented and demonstrated. Major retailers, corporations, parking garage owners and warehouse facility managers have seen energy savings by replacing their outdated lighting technology with newer LED light solutions. A new study by Osram Sylvania, their first Commercial Lighting Survey, sheds more light on the scope of LED lighting retrofits and the prevailing attitudes decision-makers have about the pros and cons of LED Lighting.

The survey was conducted recently (August through September 2010) and included both lighting decision-makers and lighting designers and specifiers. As you would expect 86% of respondents cited reduced energy costs as a major benefit of LED lighting. Other benefits from LED Lighting were:

• LED Lights are durable and resistant to shock (58% said a major benefit)
• LED Lights have long life before requiring maintenance (90%- major benefit)
• LED Lights do not contain mercury (59%- major benefit)

The number of companies that currently use LED Lighting in their facilities was impressive-62 % of ther respondents and 11% plan to use LED Lighting in the future. Of these respondents 41% plan to retrofit existing lighting with LED lights. The initial cost of LED lighting retrofits has been a barrier for some firms but 76% of survey respondents said it was more important to have lighting solutions that save money over the lifetime of the products even if it costs more to purchase and install initially.

One company that has been helping companies achieve energy savings through LED retrofits is Redbird LED, a manufacturer of premium quality LED linear light products. Their LED Lights have helped grocery retailers, parking garage owners and even worship facilities reduce both their energy consumption and maintenance costs. Recently they released a White Paper on Parking Garage LED Lighting. To download a free copy of their RedBird LED Luminaires for Parking Garage, Cold Storage and General Warehouse Storage Systems please visit their website

For a copy of the Osram Sylvania Survey please visit

About Redbird LED - Redbird LED is an Atlanta based designer and manufacturer of LED linear lights. Our company mission is to focus exclusively on providing quality LED linear light solutions to our customers. Redbird LED’s core technology is in their premier linear LED light tube, designed and engineered specifically for retrofits of traditional fluorescent tube lights.

Additionally, Redbird LED provides professional consultation – state registered Professional Engineers and LEED AP accredited personnel – for lighting projects such as economic analysis, return on investment calculations, light modeling, illumination design, and energy load calculations. Our current project list represents a wide variety of customers: the world headquarters of a major US company, multi-million dollar relations with general contractors, museums, retail shops, office buildings, manufacturing/production facilities, automotive dealerships, and many residential homes across the US. And, of course, our building is 100% LED.

Redbird LED (originally Redbird Industries) started with a line of craftsman exterior lighting products that are the creation of the founder, Jonathan Eppstein. Now Redbird LED has many employees and distributors throughout the US.

Redbird LED is located at 1202 Gail Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30319, in Fulton County, metropolitan Atlanta. For more information and to review their line of parking garage lighting solutions please visit or call 678.733.2473.

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