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Deep Research Report on China Clean Development Mechanism CDM Industry

BharatBook adds report on " 2009 Deep Research Report on China Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Industry" was a professional and depth research report on China CDM Market
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India ( 04/11/2010
2009 Deep Research Report on China Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Industry was a professional and depth research report on China CDM Market. The purpose of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is to assist developing countries achieve sustainable development, and to assist industrialized countries achieve compliance with their emission targets under the Kyoto Protocol (KP) through the acquisition of certified emission reductions accruing from project activities. Such project activities are expected to mobilize financial and technological resources from the public and private sectors in industrialized countries to promote sustainable development in developing countries, and contribute to the ultimate objective of the UNFCCC. CDM is a win-win model; this is because CDM projects in non-priority areas can bring significant profits. HFC-23 and N2O projects enjoy low costs and risks while generating large amounts of CERs, shortening the period for investment return. However, it offers little in the way of environmental benefit. Since the Chinese Government approved the Interim Regulations for CDM in June 2004, and with the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol and ongoing support from donor countries in capacity building measures, China has seen a surge in CDM activity. China is already the top destination for global foreign direct investment and has huge potential for mitigating greenhouse gases in all sectors.
CDM Schematic is as follows:

At present, China ranks NO.1 in CDM registration. As the world's second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, China CDM market has a bright prospect. However, there are a lot of risk because the existence of many uncertainties. In particular, the recent financial crisis, leading to the drop of international carbon trading prices, which brings an adverse effect on the development of CDM projects. In this report, we made a detailed analysis of the CDM theory, CDM distribution, CDM development prospects, CDM project development process, CDM project design document (PDD) etc for institutions in the field to reference. In order to help new entrants quickly familiar with area and find a suitable partner, we introduced 77 CER Buyers and 50 CDM Consulting Agencies in this report. Finally, we made forecast and analysis of China CDM market; conduct a detailed study of risk which may exist in the future, we also make relevant recommendations on China CDM development. In a word, it was a depth research report on china CDM market. And thanks to the help and support from CDM-related institutions and departments during QYResearch survey and interviews.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Overview 1
1.1 Definition of CDM 1
1.2 CDM background 2
1.3 Distribution of the field of CDM 4
1.4 Principles of CDM emission reduction 5
1.5 Development prospects of China's CDM 6

Chapter Two Analysis of CDM projects 8
2.1 Operation of CDM project process and implementation of programs 8
2.2 The transaction costs of CDM projects 12
2.3 CDM project cycle 13
2.4 CDM project-related institutions and functions 14
2.4.1 Project owners and functions 14
2.4.2 Host Government functions 14
2.4.3 Governments of developed countries and functions 23
2.4.4 The designated operational entity (DOE) and functions 28
2.4.5 CDM Executive Board (EB) and functions 29
2.5 Chinese CDM projects related national policy 30
2.6 CERs 32
2.6.1 CERs definition 32
2.6.2 CERs issuing process 32
2.6.3 CERs Price and issuing rate 33

Chapter Four CDM market overview 53
4.1 Development of the global CDM 53
4.2 CDM Development in China 59
4.2.1 CDM projects by region 59
4.2.2 CDM projects by Scope 63
4.2.3 Expected average annual CERs by region 65
4.2.4 Expected average annual CERs by scope 68
4.2.5 National Development and Reform Commission approved CDM projects statistics 69
4.3 The impact of Financial crisis on CDM market 87

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