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Sell Gold to Prevent Detrimental Gold MiningPremium PR

Gold mining is harming our environment in more ways than one, and causes human rights abuse in depraved areas. A cash for gold company is now proposing that consumers sell gold for cash, thereby recycling gold.
Lakewood, New Jersey, United States of America ( 10/11/2010

"Captain Cash for Gold...proposes recycling gold - selling gold through online buyers, who keep the process hassle-free, and help people make money on their gold. "

The ads are all over tv, billboards, and the internet. Sell gold for cash; Cash in your gold today! However, almost proportionate to the amount of ads professing the cash for gold industry is the amount of ads warning of cash for gold scams. In truth, both sides are correct, to some degree. It’s impossible to make a blanket statement over an entire industry. Some companies are scams, but some really are cashing in people’s gold for the right reasons. And yes, there are perfectly necessary grounds to cash gold in, as professed by some of the more reputable cash for gold companies. The many dangers that gold mining brings are very hard to avoid, but one cash for gold company, Captain Cash for Gold, is now taking a stand in trying to minimize the amount of gold mining by encouraging people to sell old gold, thereby recycling gold.

With the recent rescue of Chile’s thirty-three miners, a lot of attention was brought to the gold mining industry. Just not enough attention. Gold mining is an expensive proposition, and companies are constantly looking for ways to cut costs, ways that are to the detriment of our environment, and society as a whole. Just as there is the horrifying prospect of blood diamonds, there exists in underprivileged countries a phenomenon of dirty gold. A New York Times article explains that in countries like Congo and on Ghana’s ancient Gold Coast the gold mining craze causes untold poverty and human rights abuse. Child labor is abundant as mining companies work to fit tight budgets, and entire villages are overturned to make way for new projects.

Another major toll that gold mining takes is on the environment. With today’s technology, gold mining is no more solely a labor of pick-axes and shovels, but one of highly toxic chemicals. Mine watchdog groups proclaim that just the process of blasting mines forms huge craters in the ground that can never be restored. Aside from that, the blast leaves acres of wasteland in its wake. The real concern comes with the fear of toxic spills from mines. Unfortunately, this fear is well-grounded. There have been devastating spills resulting from gold mines in Romania, Montana, and other places. These toxic spills take years to recover from, and some of them have taken a devastating toll on the land, water, wildlife, and people that lives on today.

In the recent election, Alaskans were faced with a tough choice. They had to decide whether to allow Bristol’s Pebble Mine to continue with their massive plans, or to save the wildlife and the inevitable disaster that would come with a mine this size. Those opposing the mine are worried about the future of the entire surrounding area, with good reason.

Captain Cash for Gold, a leading online gold buyer, is working to bring accountability to mining companies by joining forces with environmental groups, and taking a stand against dirty gold. They will work to the best of their ability to ensure that the gold being dealt with has no ties to bad mining practices or sources of conflict.

Captain Cash has come up with a revolutionary solution that is taking the jewelry industry by a storm. Although it’s not perfect, it can definitely keep the dirty gold mining to a minimum. They propose recycling gold - selling gold through online buyers, who keep the process hassle-free, and help people make money on their gold. “This is an opportunity that benefits all involved parties, buyers and sellers, and it’s a breakthrough that eco-friendly groups are snatching up, because finally there’s a suggestion for improvement rather than empty preaching,” says gold expert Mark Rich. By selling scrap gold, the gold is melted down to be reused in new pieces. This causes a constant cycle of reintroducing old jewelry to be updated, minimizing the amount of detrimental mining required to fit our ever expanding consumption of gold jewelry and goods. Aside for its enormous benefits, recycling gold also benefits the consumer by providing cash for gold.

Although there’s a long way to go, Captain Cash for Gold is working to make a dent in the wrongdoings of gold mining. Now it’s up to the general population to do their part.


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