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Introducing the New Kindle Lighted Cover, featuring a kindle powered LED light, and gold plated hinges for securing the Kindle and allowing for maximum electrical conductivity. It comes in a variety of sophisticated colors, on a high quality leather exterior, and a charcoal felt interior. Perfect for winding down at night in the dark, with a backwards foldable cover and plenty of light to cover your Kindle...
Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada ( 27/12/2010

"Check it out! The new Kindle Lighted Cover...ever wonder why the Kindle just doesn't come with a backlight? Well, whatever the reason, here is your solution! "

It is no big secret that the Kindle eReader does not come with a backlight. And, for that matter, what about preventing scratches to the screen? The Kindle Lighted Cover will take care of both.The soft LED light gets its power source from the Kindle itself. The patent pending gold plated hinges inside the cover, as well as ensuring that the kindle is firmly secured, act as highly effective electrical conductors. You will never go without a light. Its high quality leather exterior provides a sturdy case for the Kindle that will never fray.

Don't let the pictures you find online fool you... The Kindle Lighted Cover'sLED light actually does cover the entire Kindle screen; not just the top right corner, and it is very comfortable to use at night in the dark. After a long day's work, you just want to cuddle up with a good Kindle, shut off the lights, and sit in the comfort of the warm LED glow of the Kindle Lighted Cover.

Did I mention, it comes in several different stylish colors to choose from...

Check it out...


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