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IntelliTrack Certifies Percon Phoenix Industrial IP67 Mobile Data TerminalsPremium PR

IntelliTrack and Percon renew partnership to offer an industrial logistics solution. IntelliTrack’s WMS and the Percon Phoenix mobile data terminals are to be integrated into a cost effective software offering.
Eugene, OR, United States of America ( 20/01/2011

"The rugged engineering of our vehicle mount computer products is a perfect complement for IntelliTrack WMS and ISRP inventory software."

Percon, Inc. and IntelliTrack, Inc. announce their partnership to provide a complete warehouse management and inventory control solution for small to mid-sized companies. Integrating the IP67 rated Percon mobile data terminals with IntelliTrack’s WMS software provides industrial manufacturers, cold storage operations and distribution centers with a cost effective logistic tool.

One of IntelliTrack’s most successful and a widely used product is a warehouse management system. IntelliTrack software is affordable, and easy to install. The WMS is feature rich with an intuitive user interface. WMS comes in three cost effective versions that maximize efficiency and optimize labor productivity in warehouses of all sizes. Each version provides the basic functions for warehouse operations, including, receiving, physical inventory, picking and shipping as well as management features including queries, reporting and barcode labeling.

“The IntelliTrack WMS product is ideally suited for industrial manufacturing operations. Our software provides all the material handling and management functions for a diverse set of Industrial Warehouse environments from manufacturing to distribution. With its IP67 rating, the Percon Phoenix is the perfect hardware complement for the IntelliTrack WMS software in a rugged environment.” said Ron Pawlowski, COO of IntelliTrack.

Percon designs and manufactures industrial vehicle mount computer products. The Phoenix 104E is a Windows CE 6.0 forklift computer that provides high performance power in a compact and ergonomic form with maximum flexibility and durability in a range of extreme environments. In the warehouse, the yard, the freezer, or on the road, the Phoenix 104E provides the computing power and the communication functions to meet the requirements of today’s demanding applications.

“The rugged engineering of our forklift computer products is a perfect complement for IntelliTrack WMS and ISRP inventory software. The Phoenix 104e offers a solution that saves time and operates effectively in the harshest environment and severe weather.” said Rob Hougen, President and Engineering Director of Percon. “We look forward to a renewed partnership with IntelliTrack.” added Mr. Hougen.

About Percon, Inc.
Percon, Inc. engineers, manufactures, sells and distributes industrial forklift computer products that comprise of fixed and vehicle computers for operations suited for the harshest of environments. Application areas would include vertical industries such as warehousing, cold storage, transportation, military and public safety. Our technology includes our Phoenix flagship products; a one piece rugged IP 65 rated industrial vehicle mount computers. For more information on Percon forklift computers, please visit

About IntelliTrack, Inc.
IntelliTrack, Inc. is the leading developer of affordable software applications for bar code, RFID, batch and WiFi (RF) data collection. Specializing in Inventory and Asset Management IntelliTrack applications include inventory control, warehouse management, and asset tracking. IntelliTrack software runs on mobile computers from Motorola, Datalogic and Unitech. More than 20,000 copies of IntelliTrack software have been deployed on over 50,000 mobile computers and wireless terminals worldwide. For further information, visit


Percon engineers, manufactures, sells and distributes rugged computer products that includes mobile data terminals, forklift computer and vehicle mount computer products for operations suited for the harshest of environments. Percon products enables improved worker and equipment efficiencies for mobile commercial/industrial applications by providing easy to use, rugged, reliable, mounted mobile computers in a variety of configurations at reasonable prices, backed with exceptional cus


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