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New Online Mortgage Calculator & Mortgage Comparison Service

It is vital to know how much your mortgage will cost you and to get the best possible deal. This new website aims to help, by calculating your repayments and comparing deals from over 1750 providers.
Kent, ME145DZ, MD, United States of America ( 27/01/2011

18, January, 2011 - A new online mortgage calculator has been launched at

The online tool will calculate your monthly repayments, and you can input your interest rate, mortgage term and even if it’s repayment or interest only. This free tool works in the same way the banks do, calculating your monthly repayments and the total amount of money you will repay in total.

Sometimes the resultscan be surprising - people often do not realise the money that can be saved by overpaying your loan or reducing the term.

The website will also allow you to search and compare over 1750 mortgage providers, so that you see exactly what deals are currently on offer and get the best deal for yourself. It works by analysing your individual situation, and then searched and compares the mortgage deals currently on offer.

Richard Els, of www, says “When it comes to borrowing money for a property purchase, there are indeed a wealth of diverse and innovative products which are currently available in the mortgage market. Our online facility endeavours to explain the virtues of everything from straight repayment to interest only products in layman’s terms, something we’re sure prospective borrowers everywhere will be pleased to hear! Contrary to common belief, the property finance industry isn’t as complicated as many people like to make out and it’s our ultimate aim to be able to walk everyone who’s interested, through the initial steps of sorting out their property loan. Using a home loan comparison calculator is by far and away the best way to explore all of your options and being that you’ll be able to compare over 1750 different deals, it’s fair to say that no stone is left unturned. Borrowing money to finance a property purchase can be a nail biting affair at the best of times, but with the assistance of our tried and tested dedicated tools, we hope to make the whole process far less stressful for prospective purchasers. With a few simple steps, everyone can find the property finance product that suits their own exacting needs.”

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For more information, please visit


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