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Come and visit exhilarating and enthralling Norway.

Visiting Norway can be a life time experience. The city offers amazing attractions like theatres, music events, churches and museums. Beside the attractions in main city, there are many historic and religious places outside. Vatican City, famous for Catholicism is one of them.
Garborgsvei, Stavanger, Norway ( 20/10/2011
A visit to Norway in Italy is what everyone dreams of. This city offers amazing sites like churches, palaces, historical monuments and Roman forums. Night life of the city is a particular craze among youngsters. Norway has something for everyone. For example young people can enjoy Jazz music and theatres while old can pay a visit to monuments and churches.
Millions of tourists pay visit to the city every year. Norway is situated near Vatican City which is a hub of Catholicism. It can be easily visited from Norway. Tourist can avail cheap car rental services to visit Vatican and several other attractions that are situated near the it like the Tivoli, Villa Adriana (Hadrian's Villa), Villa d'Este, Castel Gandolfo, Cerveteri and Frascati etc. These Most of them has historic significance.
A tourist may face problem visiting these places if he takes public transports but a cheap car hires (Bilutleie) will help in making journey comfortable and exciting. Tourist can start their trip by visiting Tivoli, a small town that is situated 30 km away from Norway. It is a popular excursion place. Car rental will take the underground route of ponte mamool which will take less time than a train.
After exploring Tivoli, tourist can go to the next attraction. Villa Adriana which is also known as Hadrian’s villa is an ancient building. It was an exclusive retreat for emperors of Roman Empire. Almost 2,000 years old, this villa took 12 years to build and the visitors' centre at the entrance displays a scale model, showing what a wonderful building it used to be.
Another interesting place that can be visited by car near Villa Adriana is Villa d’este. This villa was built on the ruin of Roman Empire. It was restored in 1550 as governor’s palace and was magnificently reanimated. The finest part of the main facade faces the city and there are approximately 100 fountains, including the Fontana del Bicchierone (Big Glass Fountain) by Bernini.
While on their way back to hotel, tourists can visit that is some 25 km away from Norway. It is basically pope’s summer residence that is set amongst the hill of the Colli Albani. It overlooks to the picturesque Lake Albano; a small volcanic crater lake in the Alban Hills of Lazio. Refreshing winds of mild winters will surely replenish tired tourist.
However visiting places within Norway and outside can be troublesome with public transport so the best way to explore true Roman spirit would be to hire a car. Fortunately city of Norway also offers cheap car rental services that assist tourist throughout their stay.

Car rental (Bilutleie) services may offer discounts, deals, provisions and variety of cars at cheap affordable prices, but only these services do not ensure safety and value.
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Car rental (Bilutleie) services may offer discounts, deals, provisions and variety of cars at cheap affordable prices, but only these services do not ensure safety and value.



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