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Kirk Ward Article Posted On the Global Business Group Blog

Global Business Group (GBG) is a professional business brokerage firm specializing in selling small businesses with annual revenue between $500,000 and $25,000,000.
NGC, TN, United States of America ( 21/10/2011
Atlanta, GA – October 19, 2011 — Secrets of Marketing Accounting Services Editor-in-Chief, Kirk Ward recent article “Marketing Your Accounting Practice Through Cross Selling And Upselling” has been published on the Global Business Group blog at The Global Business Group publishes articles of interest to small business owners and practicing accountants. The Global Business Group Blog is updated and published daily.

"Typical local accountants spend upwards of eighty percent of their time competing with other local accountants for a share of an ever shrinking pool of new prospects,” said Ward. “Large regional, national and international firms on the other hand, are almost diametrically opposed in their marketing efforts. Preferring instead to spend, on average, eighty percent of their marketing dollars on internal marketing. Marketing additional services to their existing clientele."

Ward believes that “Local practitioners are lost when it comes to marketing additional services to their existing clients.. Most practitioners don't really know how to go about increasing wallet share from exisiting clients.” Ward continues by saying that “Your customers already know you, like you and trust you. Compare that with a total stranger who is comparing you to a half dozen competitors in your community. Who do you think you stand the greater chance of making a sale to. The trick is that you have to identify the need and present it to your client in a way that they understand and want to hear.”

A nationally published authority on tax law and accountancy marketing, Ward is Editor-in-Chief of “Secrets of Marketing Accounting Services,” the leading online resource for small and growing accounting practitioners who desire a way to kick start their “Rainmaker” marketing. He is a retired accountant and former Enrolled Agent with over thirty years of auditing and accounting under his belt.

Ward's article was selected by GBG for its down to earth commentary on the marketing of professional services, and for the clarity of thought. Ward is a frequent author and webinar host. He has written over thirty workbooks and manuals on small business management.

After passing the IRS's Special Enrollment Examination at his first sitting, Ward became the developer of the original “Enrolled Agent Review Course” published by Micro-Mash, now a division of Thompson-Reuters. He has been quoted in the New York Times “BizTaxLaw.About” blog, and in the American Express “OpenForum” blog.

Ward teaches startup and growing accounting practitioners the basics of “Rainmaker Marketing” through the Secrets of Marketing Accounting Services ( His twice weekly Rainmaker and Accountancy Marketing webinars have a loyal following among accounting practitioners nationwide.

Global Business Group (GBG) is a professional business brokerage firm specializing in selling small businesses with annual revenue between $500,000 and $25,000,000. Over the past 10 years they have established a reputation as a trusted business intermediary with long track record of delivering results - one sold business at a time.

As a a result of many years of experience, and a coherent team of dedicated professionals, GBG records a higher success rate than the industry norm.

You can read more about Global Business Group at

Practitioners who join or subscribe to Secrets of Marketing Accounting Services ( are passionate about growing their practices and making an impact in their communities and beyond. Members include tax preparers, bookkeepers, unregulated accountants, Enrolled Agents and Certified Public Accountants.

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Kirk Ward

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