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Free Criminal Background Check Network Declares Quality Employee Scan- Police Record CheckFeatured PR

Free Criminal Background Check Network declares of a thorough background checking of the new employees including civil record scan and screening from public police databases too.
Los Angeles, CA, United States of America ( 05/06/2012
Great news for employers seeking to verify their new employees- our sources reveal a Free Criminal Background Check Network that declares to help the employers with a thorough background check regarding their employees. The company is reportedly providing a general record screen as well as criminal background checks from the free public police records.

"We do understand that the way your employee looks and the certificates that they are showing to you could well be deceptive. Appearance can be deceptive, So are the certificates and records of a potential staff. Our endeavor is to provide you with an in-depth free criminal background check of your potential workforce to ensure that your business is free from any criminal intent on behalf of the employees", remarked Free Criminal Background Check Network while discussing their company mission with us.

The background checking company seems to have a prime highlight on screening the employee background from public police records, apart from providing the clients with a basic civil record scan. According to them it's vital for every employer to look for police connection as regards to their employees to ensure the authenticity of the worker. "It especially becomes important when you are hiring a nanny or bodyguard for your loved one or have to entrust the most major responsibilities of your company to that person", the company mentions adding that it's not uncommon to find the most innocent looking person to have served a jail term in the past. Our sources report that the company is ready to reveal any of the offences committed by the would-be employee in his early years, including the domestic violence and sexual offences too from the trusted sources.

But again, Free Criminal Background Check has added that the employers seeking a background checking from the public-police records must confirm that the data offered to them won't be used to discriminate or harass the employee or his family and ownership rights.

Our sources further interviewed regarding the speed and ease of the background checking from Free Criminal Background Check Network. In its own words-"It's really easy. The employer would just need to fill in the person's first and last name and state followed by a hit on search button. We will come up with our result in as little as ten seconds".



The company assured us further that they always strive to back up their clients with corrected and latest details only. The interested clients are requested to contact with the company at for any general information as regards to the background screening.


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