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A suit is an item of clothing made from the same cloth. This garment is worn especially to work.
Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China ( 25/11/2014
A suit is an item of clothing made from the same cloth. This garment is worn especially to work. The colours of suits are generally neutral with black and white being the norm As more and more women are entering the workforce, the attire worn to work is also changing. Skirt and a blouse along with jackets, blazers and coats consist of a woman’s suit. The colours of a woman’s suit can be bolder and vibrant and contain different colours. Women usually include fancy silk scarves and accessories like a pearl necklace, watches, earrings and shoes to enhance the look of a suit. Visit or to look at our unending range of suites.

Plus Size Suit
Plus size suit is referred to clothing for people above a certain size. These sizes vary from country to country. Generally it refers to the sizes above the US size 12. Plus size is also called Oversized in the UK, the term, however, is not much appreciated. There are many designers as well as clothes manufacturers which make Plus size clothing including Evans, Marina Renaldi, Elvi, etc. Go to to have a look at our collection or follow the link: . The market of the Plus size market is seeing a shift as more and more companies are realising that one size fits all does not work every time!

Right fabric:
Ti know about different kind of the fabrics is first and important step while buying the suit. Even though you’re on the tight budget, try to find suit made mainly of wool. Suits must be made from over 100% of wool. The cheaper manmade fabrics like microfiber, polyester, and Teflon must be avoided. These fabrics don’t breathe, and can be uncomfortable to wear – particularly on the warmer days. The linen suits must be avoided for first suit. Generally, linen suits are designed in the lighter colors. They look very less formal, as well as are on the top of this over four times costly to dry clean compared to wool suit.

Looking at the different wool suits, first you may notice numbers like the "super 100s", "120s", "160s", and more. What does the number stand for? Also, you may notice that higher the number, more costly will be the suit. What matters is thickness of an individual fiber. Finer the wool, higher will be the rating. Highest rating you can find is likely 200s wool. Most of the recommended are the super 100s or 120s. Higher numbers are very less suited for daily business suit since they wrinkle very easily, and are very less durable.

Select right style:
There’re different styles of the suits that are available for you. Never panic about all endless choices. Suppose you buy fist men suit, or looking for the classic business suit, suit jacket must be:

• Be Solid Color
• Dark blue, and charcoal gray in shade
• Have 2 or 3 button jacket
• Single Breasted

Suppose you keep above things in mind, then you are on right track.

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