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Power Whitening UK Offers a New Road to Teeth WhiteningFeatured PR

Power whitening UK claims to offer a distinctive treatment method that guarantees great teeth whitening results.
Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom ( 28/10/2015
Patients can now smile with more confidence, as they are guaranteed of getting visibly white and bright teeth by Power Whitening, one of the leading dental clinics offering extraordinary teeth whitening treatments. Now teeth whitening is possible for anyone with Power Whitening's scientifically proven method that can be done comfortably and moreover, at affordable rates to patients.

Power Whitening in Birmingham South employs a completely safe and proven method of teeth whitening. They commenced their services in the USA 10 years ago and established their presence in the UK since 2007. Owing to the increasing demand for their treatments among patients, they have now opened Power Whitening clinics across Cambridge, Oxford and Borehamwood in the UK.

"Power Whitening can remove staining and discoloration from your teeth that has built up over the years as a result of normal eating, drinking a smoking. No matter what age you are, Power Whitening Guarantees to whiten your teeth by up to 12 shades in a single one hour treatment," said a spokesperson.

Speaking of their treatment method, the spokesperson continued, "Power Whitening uses a revolutionary lamp which activates the patented whitening gel to hygienically remove the staining on the teeth in a single one hour treatment requiring only one appointment. We use an amazing non-bleaching whitening gel system that provides a lower chance of sensitivity compared to laser whitening or bleaching trays systems. Our treatment is completely safe, hygienic and incredibly effective at whitening your teeth to reveal a new smile for you."

When enquired about the prices, another spokesperson revealed, "Power Whitening's prices are simple, and we guarantee no hidden costs or additions and you will never be subjected to pushy selling techniques. A question we are frequently asked is why are our teeth whitening prices so competitive in comparison to local dentist. The answer is simple. We purchase large amounts of teeth whitening materials and products direct from the manufacturers and therefore our large purchasing power as specialists allows us to pass these discounts on to you."

"I had never had anything like this done before but Mike at Power Whitening was very good at talking me through the treatment and explaining everything in detail. I have fillings and I was worried about them but they whitened fine and the teeth look brighter and cleaner," said Mr. Khan, an enthralled customer.

About Power Whitening UK:

Power Whitening, offers exceptional teeth whitening treatments with proven results, boosting up confidence among patients aspiring for a shiny bright smile. Visit

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About Power Whitening

If you are looking to get your teeth whitened in a fast, safe and effective manner then POWER WHITENING is for you.As we age our teeth darken and become yellow and dull in their colour. Its difficult to avoid as our everyday habits such as eating, drinking will cause the teeth to darken over time. POWER WHITENING is a simple treatment that will rapidly restore your teeth back to their original colour.


Derek Cordingley
Power Whitening
268 Bath Road
Zipcode : SL1 4DX
03300 101 332