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ANZZI, Home Appliance Designer Sets Out To Modernize the Industry with Inspiring ProductsFeatured PR

ANZZI, a leading kitchen and bathroom appliances manufacturer has excited the market with the increase of its product range and an expanded warehouse to accommodate more top-of-the-range products.
Miami, Florida, United States ( 14/12/2016
ANZZI has been in the news lately with the introduction of kitchen and bath products based on the traditional European design. This has been in line with the company's commitment to innovation and offering inspired designs for homeowners to choose from. The products will now be readily available on multiple online storefronts alongside other world class brands in the market.

Speaking during the announcement of ongoing changes, Joe Schwartz, CEO of ANZZI, was enthusiastic about the impact the brand will have in the kitchen and bath industry,

"For a long time, we have been striving to give our customers only the best in the kitchen and bath space. However, we had not yet achieved our desire to reach a global market. While our designers have continuously come up with top of the range products, we had not yet optimized our distribution channel. This is now going to change with the expansion of our warehouse," he noted.

"Along with opening new ANZZI storefronts within some of the largest nationwide and global retail chains, we are also working on new category lines to meet the evolving demands of our customers. With an expanded facility, all of our customers will receive our immaculate products in the shortest time possible," he added.

ANZZI has been designing kitchen and bath products for years and it has gained a distinction for its inspired designs. The company has introduced a diverse range of products from faucets, shower heads, and columns, kitchen sinks to towel warmers among others.

All the company's products are made from high quality steel with the RHINO ALLOY certification for durability and glossy finishes revolutionizing kitchen and bathroom spaces. These products have undergone the highest safety and performance checks.

The company's new 140K sq. ft. warehouse is among a raft of measures to accommodate growing demand for its immaculate products. The space is expected to spur growth and help in efficient shipping and delivery of products.

About ANZZI,

ANZZI has invested heavily in the latest technology, which has in turn helped it design some of the most unique bath and kitchen products. For more details, visit

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ANZZI™ Design Group features world-class craftsmanship in the production of its diverse array of home hardware and fixtures. ANZZI™ is committed to the highest standards of artisan design as evidenced by our products' lifelong durability. We create our offerings with the best-quality materials we can find, knowing that each one must support our reputation for design excellence or it is unworthy to be stamped with the ANZZI™ brand. for more visit


Joe Schwartz
5701 NW 35 Avenue
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