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Take a Certified LJB Security Training Class Before Pistol Permit License Costs QuadrupleFeatured PR

With the cost of pistol permits poised to quadruple from $70 to $360, now is the best time to sign up for the CT Pistol Permit Carry Certification course offered by LJB Security. Register to get your pistol permit before these rate hikes take effect.
East Haven, Connecticut, United States of America ( 15/03/2017
Responsible gun ownership includes learning the basic skills needed to safely handle pistols and revolvers. Imagine that you were in a situation where you needed to use your pistol, but either needed a refresher on how to use it, or simply didn't have the skills necessary to jump in and come to someone's aid.

The DESPP (Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection), which is part of the Connecticut State Police, issues a state pistol permit for anyone 21 and over who wishes to purchase ammunition, handguns, or long guns. Before you can apply for this permit, you must pass a gun safety course.

The cost of this particular permit has long been $70 for either a first-timer or a recertification. However, if the current 2017 budget that is on the table passes, the cost of this permit will increase from $70 to $370, quadrupling in cost. A direct assault against responsible gun ownership, there is no better time than the present to register for the CT Pistol Permit Carry Certification course offered by LJB Security.

This particular class covers a myriad of different topics, with safety being one of the main priorities. Topics of instruction include safety and handling, care and maintenance, basic ammunition safety and handling, basic pistol use, commands and usage on a gun range, safe firearm and ammunition storage, and recognizing and addressing common pistol stoppages.

Once you complete the class, not only will you be much more educated in how to use, care for, and maintain your weapon safely, you can also take the certificate and use it to apply for the Connecticut pistol permit. In the state of Connecticut, completion of this course or a similar one is absolutely mandated in order to receive a valid permit.

If you've been thinking about acquiring a pistol permit, but have been putting it off, now is the time before the suggested rate hike. Because you must complete a safety class in order to obtain a pistol permit, you must apply before the rate increase to save hundreds of dollars on your pistol permit. The same goes for a recertification, as these rates will also quadruple in cost from $70 to $370. Just six years ago, the pistol permit application fee was only $35, so there's no telling how much the price may increase as time goes by.

Do yourself and your wallet a favor, and register for the CT Pistol Permit Carry Certification Course from LJB Security before you have to pay quadruple the money. Not only will you take an enjoyable class that covers all the ins and outs of pistol ownership, you will also be fulfilling the necessary requirements in order to carry legally.


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