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4 Ways San Diego Homeowners Can Maximize Comfort & Eliminate Allergens & Pollutants!Featured PR

When San Diego homeowners and business owners need a local HVAC company to help them with their heating and cooling needs, they want to ensure they are working with the best.
San Diego, California, United States ( 29/03/2017
People do so many things every day to improve their health: they exercise, eat well, and get proper sleep. Another important factor to consider is indoor air quality. According to the EPA, most people spend 87% of their lives indoors. That's well over three quarters of one's life spent inside behind a door, with windows often shut, and either an air conditioner or a furnace circulating the air. Airmaxx, the award-winning San Diego HVAC company, offers the air quality products homeowners need to make their indoor life more comfortable.

Indoor Air Can Be More Polluted Than Outside Air

Studies show that indoor air can actually be more polluted than outside air. Some people don't realize it, but multiple sources can contribute to indoor air pollution. Even with fewer people smoking these days, tobacco smoke is still a risk factor in some homes. There are other contributors, such as particles in the air from burning wood for fuel, gases from spray cans, and other irritants, such as dust and mold. Gases such as formaldehyde can be present, too, due to off-gassing from furniture and building materials. Airmaxx, with its years of experience and knowledge of indoor air pollutants, offers 4 different ways to combat indoor air pollution:

- Electric Air Purifiers

State-of-the-art filtration systems that are capable of removing a host of particulates (from bacteria to pollen to dander) as small as 0.01 microns - in case anyone is wondering, that's 18,000 times tinier than the head of a pin!

- Fan-Powered and Bypass Humidifiers

Control the humidity in the home with ease from these options that work in tandem with a central air or furnace system to deliver clean, consistent moisture levels.

- Recovery Ventilators

Reduce the stress to the HVAC system while improving fresh air circulation and overall air quality in the home.

- UV Lamps

Zap mold and bacteria out of an HVAC system to prevent them from circulating around the home.

Airmaxx encourages San Diego homeowners to call them today at (619) 376-1400 to learn more about how they can purify their indoor air. Discover how Airmaxx indoor air quality products can help fight indoor air pollution! Common household air irritants won't stand a chance when Airmaxx is on the job!

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