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Fintech-Startup Telluria is about to launch its high-performance crypto trading platformFeatured PR

ICO for global scaling of the new trading market place
Wien, Wien, Austria ( 28/05/2018
Telluria, the Austrian startup with German roots, is about to launch their high-performance trading platform for crypto currencies. The official launch is planned for June 2018. The new crypto marketplaces will then facilitate trading in over 500 digital assets and ICO tokens at a new, high speed. For their further global scaling, Telluria used a high-yield ICO at the start of May 2018 with TELA tokens, which runs for a period of eight weeks. Over 5 million TELA tokens were sold in the first week alone. More information for crypto traders and ICO investors at


The Telluria platform is almost 100 percent complete, and fully functional. Granting of the PSP licence for Asia is imminent, preparation of the e-money and other PSP licences for Europe and North America are all as per the roadmap - which means trading with shipping and minimum transaction fees will be comprehensively achieved. High-availability account provision, high-performance transaction execution and fast funds payment or withdrawal means that traders can react to any volatility much more quickly with Telluria than with other common crypto marketplaces. CEO and co-founder Hans Peter Hülsebusch: "Right from our launch, Telluria will offer everything from the popular, to the newly-listed, crypto currencies, including all branches and ICO tokens to a wide spectrum of traders. This means our platform opens up new options for the technology-based realisation of returns to traders and investors with its guaranteed high availability, and accelerated transaction execution.

ICO with TELA tokens for growth financing

With an ICO launched at the start of May 2018, Telluria will strengthen their position in the crypto exchange market. ICO investors will benefit from time-staged discounts beyond the eight week sales phase. In addition, commissions for transactions processed via the market place can be settled with TELA tokens. The telling response: Over 5 million TELA tokens were sold in the first week alone. Telluria is investing 50% of the funds generated by the ICO in global marketing. Another 35% will go into expansion as well as optimisation and stabilisation of the exchange project. The remaining 15% will remain in reserve funds and secure Telluria against risks such as force majeure. For stability and appreciation of the TELA tokens, 25% of the profits from token sales will be burned every four months. After the ICO process, the TELA token will be placed on the Telluria trading platform.

Technical implementation at Telluria is via In-Memory Dada Grid (IMDG), which means transactions can be executed at the highest possible digital speed. Correspondingly, the platform can support the transfer of 100,000 transactions per second at one access point. In system tests, capacity of 3 million actions per seconds has been achieved. By using Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Telluria is flexible, scalable and secure for trading at all times.

Telluria marketplace white paper:

About Telluria GmbH / Telluria Marketplace

Telluria GmbH Vienna is an Austrian startup company with German roots, led by CEO and co-founder Hans Peter Hülsebusch. The company's objective is the setup and operation of a high-performance crypto trading platform, which differs from other marketplaces due to high-performing transaction speed with unlimited account availability. In terms of technology, Telluria has matured into a next generation exchange platform. At launch, over 500 existing and prospective crypto currencies and ICO tokens will be tradeable on the Telluria marketplace.


Telluria GmbH Wien
Heiligenstädter Lände 29/2
1190 Wien / Austria
Hans-Peter Hülsebusch
Phone: +43 1 267 6383


About Telluria

TELLURIA - a sophisticated exchange system, where both the high speed and reliability of trading are provided with the technical solutions on the basis of both the intellectual algorithms of balancing and load distribution. Safety of your data and assets is ensured by the built-in algorithms of protection and multifactor authorization. Fast input and output of assets. Straightforward and user-friendly interface. Low commission for transactions.


Telluria GmbH Wien
Heiligenstädter Lände 29/2
Zipcode : 1190