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Russian Hair Extensions Supplier Describes Hot Fusion Hair ExtensionsFeatured PR

Hair By Russians, a Russian hair extensions supplier, recently released a blog answering the question “What are hot fusion hair extensions?”
Alexandria, Virginia, United States ( 05/09/2019
Hair By Russians, a Russian hair extensions supplier, recently released a blog answering the question "What are hot fusion hair extensions?" Hot fusion hair extensions are a more natural and gentle way to apply hair extensions with minimal damage to your roots.

Many types of hair extensions add extra damage to the hair due to their clips, type of glue, and tape intensity. They can be difficult to install and take out, making it time consuming and costly to have them adjusted, and many types of hair extensions can be damaging to thinner hair or appear cheap and not intact. Hot fusion hair extensions, however, are installed in your hair in small bundles, and are attached through a heated keratin adhesive. Luckily, hair is already 90% keratin based, therefore, this is a very gentle alternative to hair extensions. They take an hour to two and a half hours to install, and their gentle keratin adhesive does not damage the hair. Consult your hair stylist to determine whether hot fusion hair extensions might be a good fit for your hair type.

Hot fusion hair extensions typically last longer than other hair extensions. They may last two to six months, if cared for and cleaned properly. After this time, they will need to be reinstalled to your ideal length and to help the extensions remain healthy. To reinstall your extensions, a hair stylist will use an alcohol based remover to loosen the keratin based adhesive, in order to take the extensions out. The same set can be used up to six months before it should be replaced. This means that you can use the same extensions for between three and six months before you should purchase a new set. Using your extensions for too long can make them break, frizz, and tangle, making them look unnatural next to your own hair.

Speak to the Russian hair extensions suppliers at Hair by Russians for more information about hot fusion hair extensions. The company uses a proprietary dyeing process to carefully create a multitude of shades, helping you find your perfect match. Russian hair is renowned for its shine, softness, volume, and versatility, providing clients with beautiful, natural looking hair extensions. Hair by Russians can be contacted at 703-688-8588. Its headquarters are located at 3242 28th Street, Alexandria, VA 22302.


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As hair suppliers originally from St. Petersburg, we saw the growing demand for natural human hair extensions both in our home country of Russia and abroad. We realized the pressing need for a quality supplier whom we could trust in the U.S. One that could oversee and ensure the quality of the hair sourced, and the infrastructure, reputation and clientele to bring premium Slavic Hair extensions to the market.


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