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DC Addiction Recovery Center Lists Stages of Addiction RecoveryFeatured PR

Aquila Recovery, a DC addiction recovery center, recently released a blog educating readers on what are the stages of addiction recovery.
Washington, DC, United States ( 09/09/2020
Aquila Recovery, a DC addiction recovery center, recently released a new informational resource on their website that discusses in detail what are the different stages of addiction recovery. The article was designed for people who want a better understanding of this recovery process and how they can begin to follow it. The treatment providers at Aquila have designed this article to help give a look into the recovery process in the hopes it will make it more approachable for those who may be hesitant when considering checking into a recovery center.

Aquila offers some very valuable information for those who need to understand what a proven recovery process looks like and how it can help them to beat their addictions and get some control back in their lives. In the article, they discuss 5 main steps involved in recovery and how to maintain control during the process. Their process has provided uniquely tailored, personalized treatment plans to thousands of patients that have helped them beat their addictions.

While the most recent addition to the company's blog discusses the 5 steps to addiction recovery, their website offers a look into the center's team, their experience, their mission, as well as the various services they offer at the center. They offer multiple forms of care including cognitive-behavioral therapy, integrated care programs, as well as trauma-informed care. They have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to help any individual struggling with addiction make strides in the right direction.

Aquila is committed to the continual improvement of addiction treatment methods for alcohol and other drugs. Their outpatient clinic brings a fresh and evidence-based treatment method for individuals experiencing alcohol or drug problems. The Aquila Model is unique because it establishes respect and knowledge of brain disease -, particularly relating to substance use disorder - at all stages of risk and dependence. Individual wellness plans are informed by medical examinations, counselor observations, and client reporting to ensure personalized plans made just for you.

With this new article, Aquila shows they can help shed light on the most important steps they employ in their addiction recovery programs and demonstrate to people that there is always hope. For more information on how Aquila can help you, contact them at 202-618-9125 or visit their website at Their center is located at 5100 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite 307, Washington, DC 20016.


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Aquila Recovery hopes that this new article will give patients seeking help a better idea of what to expect from the program while explaining how important the personalized approach and treatment/life balance is handled.


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