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Northern VA Immigration Law Firm Explains How Long P1 Visas LastFeatured PR

Johnson & Masumi, a Northern Virginia immigrationl law firm has recently released a new educational blog for traveling athletes and entertainers answering.
Vienna, Virginia, United States ( 06/01/2021
Johnson & Masumi, a Northern Virginia Immigration Law Firm, recently released a new online educational resource that answers the question, "how long do P1 Visas last?", and how to properly obtain and maintain them for your travels. The new section can be found on the firm's website. The firm's highly experienced attorneys specialize in immigration law and help guide the information in the article so that it can be used to help international travelers better navigate the visa application and maintenance process.

Johnson and Masumi offer some very important information that can help international travelers with P1 visas avoid problems abroad due to expirations or other legal issues. Drawing from their extensive experience helping clients properly maintain and stay up to date on the state of their visas, the firm goes over all of the most important factors you should understand regarding your P1 visa. Johnson and Masumi's extensive experience with immigration law has helped them learn about the visa process inside and out and has helped them develop the ability to solve even the most complex of cases.

While this most recent addition to their blog specifically offers a comprehensive guide to P1 visas and how long they last, the firm's website also provides information on the other immigration services they offer, their team, and their history as a practice.

Johnson and Masumi believe in providing client-focused and thorough legal services to their clients in order to facilitate proper legal adherence to visa laws. The firm has tackled complex cases with creative solutions for over 30 years and has helped thousands of clients avoid legal issues while traveling. P1 visas have a lot of technical legal information surrounding them that can be difficult to manage on your own, and is why seeking out help can save you a lot of time, trouble, and money in the future by letting experts help you maintain it properly.

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