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French startup, Fleet accelerates international expansionFeatured PR

Following its success in France and Spain, the Device-as-a-Service work equipment solution is now entering both Germany and the UK.
--, Berlin, Germany ( 25/10/2023
Fleet, the all-in-one work equipment solution, is accelerating its expansion in Europe. Currently present in France & Spain, the start-up launched in Germany a few weeks ago and is now looking to capitalise on entering the UK market.

Fleet’s solution helps start-ups and SMEs to effortlessly acquire and manage all their work equipment: computers, furniture, accessories & phone booths. Fleet provides a complete solution for leasing, IT management, support and renewal. Their offering is a monthly subscription that includes: equipment, unlimited warranty, B2B premium support and a mobile device management (MDM) platform to give companies full control and security over their devices.

The French company aims to revolutionise the way companies manage their equipment, making it faster, safer and more simple than ever. Fleet targets start-ups and SMEs ranging in size, typically from 5 to 500 employees. Its all-inclusive subscription is particularly attractive to scaling companies, which often have little resources dedicated to IT.

Their unique model has enabled Fleet to be completely bootstrapped since launching in France, servicing some prestigious customers such as Sumup, Personio, Pliant, BCG, Flink and Hive.

Fleet's success in France & Spain

Over the past four years, Fleet has conquered the startup and SME environment in France & Spain, generating over 10 million euros in revenue last year.

Although Fleet operates all over Europe now, establishing itself in Spain was key in supporting Fleet’s overall footprint and allowed them to reach many more local businesses. Entering the Spanish market boosted Fleet over their impressive milestone of 1000 customers, generating 2 millions of revenue on this market the 2nd year.

Building on this positive momentum, Fleet has decided to export to other neighbouring countries with similar needs. In September, Fleet opened its doors to the German market and is now expanding its activities to the UK.

UK and German market opportunities

The German market leads the way in Device-as-a-Service adoption in Europe. With no less than 2.6 million SMEs in the country, the huge market potential has resulted in a growing number of German customers in the first few weeks.

This October, Fleet is opening a new office in London, where the market potential is even greater than in Germany. The UK government estimates that by the end of 2023 there will be no fewer than 5.58 million SMEs, accounting for around 61% of employment and 52% of turnover in the UK private sector.

Brexit has made it more difficult to trade with Europe, which in turn has made it more difficult to acquire & supply equipment. The opening of Fleet UK will allow UK-based SMEs to benefit from the same service as their overseas subsidiaries without any legal complications.

Alexandre Berriche, Co-Founder & CEO of Fleet, who is also a well-established Business Angel across Europe, said: "Fleet wants to establish itself as the leading workplace equipment operating system in Europe and the UK for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups. Fleet's international expansion will greatly enhance its efforts to achieve this goal".

Fleet is already looking at expanding in other countries in Europe such as Italy, Portugal and Netherlands in 2024.

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The idea of ??Fleet was born out of our own difficulties as startup managers managing our computer fleets.So we decided to create a unique offer to meet the needs of startups and SMEs. We launched Fleet in April 2019. To know more, visit or call +33 7 81 17 01 58.


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