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Cyprus Unions Oppose Employment of Nurses from Third Countries Without Meeting Legislative CriteriaFeatured PR

The Pancypriot Association of Nurses and Midwives (PASYNM) and the SEK and PEO unions firmly oppose any deviation from legislative criteria for employing nurses from third countries.
Limassol, Limassol, Cyprus ( 06/07/2024
In a recent meeting, the Pancypriot Association of Nurses and Midwives (PASYNM), along with the SEK and PEO unions, reaffirmed their stance against employing nurses from third countries without meeting the stringent criteria set by Cypriot legislation and European Union directives. This decision underscores the commitment of these organisations to uphold the high standards of nursing and midwifery in Cyprus, as highlighted in the latest news from Cyprus.

During the meeting, representatives from PASYNM, SEK, and PEO exchanged views on various issues affecting the nursing and midwifery professions. These included working conditions, salaries, professional advancement prospects, and the training and education necessary to meet the increasing demands of the healthcare sector. The unions emphasised that any deviation from the established criteria for employing nurses from third countries would undermine the quality of care and the professional standards upheld in Cyprus.

“The integrity of our healthcare system depends on maintaining strict adherence to both national and EU regulations. Allowing deviations could compromise the quality of care provided to our citizens,” according to PASYNM, SEK, and PEO.

This sentiment was echoed by the spokesperson, who added, "We must ensure that all healthcare professionals working in Cyprus meet the highest standards of training and education. This is crucial for safeguarding the health and well-being of our population."

The unions also discussed the importance of investing in high-quality, accredited nursing and midwifery education programs to prepare new professionals and promote career development for existing staff. They highlighted the need for a national plan and strategies to attract, recruit, and retain nurses and midwives to address the ongoing shortages, especially after the implementation of the National Health Plan.

Moreover, PASYNM, SEK, and PEO called for the establishment of a committee to evaluate applications for employing nurses from third countries. This committee should include representatives from the Ministries of Health and Labor, the newly established Deputy Ministry of Immigration, employers' organisations, and the unions themselves. A representative from PASYNM must also be included to ensure that the evaluation process adheres to the highest standards.

The unions stressed the importance of constructive cooperation between all stakeholders in the healthcare sector to find solutions and improve the quality of health services. They also urged the state to enhance the monitoring of hospital staffing levels, with special attention to evening, afternoon, and weekend shifts.

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