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Aging Power Plants and Growing Electricity Demand in the Region are Driving the Growth of Thermal Power Maintenance Services Market
Hyderabad, AP, India ( 06/07/2010

"North America Thermal Power Maintenance Market - Market Size, Key Trends, Challenges and Competitive Analysis"

The report gives us clear understanding of the North America thermal power maintenance services market. It provides deep understanding of key drivers impacting the market, key restraints in the market and key challenges for the services market. It gives forecast to 2020 by major countries in the region and key segments under the maintenance services market. It provides analysis of key players in the maintenance services market by market share range in each segment

It is estimated that 42% of the aging installed base in the world is concentrated in North America and most of them have already crossed their 30 years of design life. The old and aging power plants in the region are the single largest driving force for the maintenance services market. The aging power plants in the region have low efficiency levels and plant owners are increasingly investing in maintenance services to increase the efficiency levels of their plants. The large number of power plants reaching retirement age will continue to drive the market for servicing as utilities strive to replace components to maintain the current levels of installed capacity. The service providers are increasingly entering into contracts with plant owners to improve the output of the power plants. This factor is going to drive the growth of the maintenance market in the North American region in the near future.
Apart from the aging power plants in the region the growing demand for electricity is also a driving force for the maintenance services market in North America. Electricity generation is expected to increase at an average rate of 2.4% through 2030. . Electricity generation in the US is expected to increase at an average annual rate of 1%.Similarly; Canada is expected to see an increase in electricity generation at 1.4% per year. The growing demand for electricity in the region will drive the market for maintenance services in the long-term.

The North American maintenance services market generated revenue of $8,432m in 2009, a 2.36% growth from the 2008 revenue of $8,238m. The gas turbines segment contributed a major share of 44% to the total thermal power maintenance market with revenues from this segment amounting to $3,710m in 2009. The steam turbine segment contributed a share of 20% in 2009 with a revenue contribution of $1,686m.The boiler segment contributed the remaining share of 36% with a total revenue contribution of $3035m in 2009.The maintenance services market is largely driven by electricity demand in the region and the aging power infrastructure leading to increased demand for maintenance services.
During the forecast period 2010-2020 the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.36% to total revenue of $13,089m by 2020. The gas turbine segment is expected to show an increased contribution of 52% with total revenue of $6,904m in 2020

There is a general perception among the utilities that outsource power services that OEM’s better handle the maintenance task. This is mainly because OEM’s represent experience, technology dominion and brand that stands for reliability. End users are hesitant to turn to ISP’s considering them to be unable to better handle a technology that they haven’t manufactured. This perception that OEM’s are better service providers than the other local services providers has led to an increased share of OEM’s in the services business. Independent service providers have to struggle hard in order to convince end users of their service abilities.

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