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Realbackgroundchecks launches website for people tired of getting duped by background check websitesFeatured PR

Real Background Checks launches a website for people who are tired of getting duped by background check websites that sell incomplete, out-dated and inaccurate "instant" database reports. You can visit the website and get valuable information about obtaining real background checks conducted by licensed private investigators and security experts.
Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States of America ( 11/08/2010
Real Background Checks provides the most comprehensive consumer investigative reports to the public and small business community. Using the same best-in-class screening protocols as Fortune 500 companies, you can verify the integrity of your subject's personal and professional character utilizing real reports that are generated from the date of order. Licensed and insured investigators go directly to the courthouse to obtain the most recent, complete and accurate information available.

Real Background is committed to integrity by providing the most accurate, up-to-date public records available. Unlike other commercial background check websites, the company does not sell access to instant database information that has been circulated on the web for years. Instead, it provides on-line access to real, live private detectives who conduct your search upon request. Because they only conduct real searches, nothing the website offers is instantaneous. That’s how you know it is real. Whether you need an Employee Screening Solution or Personal Background Checks, you can trust Real Background Checks to provide real information, when you need it most.

Real Background utilizes a user-friendly web-based application. No other company can provide the same quality of service, packaged in an easy-to-read format. The company's services do not require any special terminals or complicated software installation.

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