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BharatBook added new report on "SmartPhone tariff Tracker" which gives information about prices for BlackBerry, iPad and iPhone for over 100 operators across all regions..
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India ( 24/09/2010
Smartphones are now becoming like mini-PCs with a range of functions on top of messaging and calls. A typical smart phone now has around 8 GB of memory capacity and a fast dual core processor supporting video, music, mobile internet, 3D graphics and a range of digital services.

The huge success of the Apple App Store was widely imitated by a number of other providers with RIM's BlackBerry and Google Android (with its Android Market application store) also providing their own variants. By mid-2009 the Apple App Store alone had 225,000 apps available with Google Market having a further 65,000 apps available for download.

The growth of the smart phone segment is particularly strong in mature markets. Half of all handsets sold in Japan - as of 2009 - can be classified as smart phones, with the US smart phone penetration forecast to reach 50% of all handsets by the end of 2011.

However, smart phone penetration is not so strong in emerging markets where there is a greater proportion of Pre Pay subscribers. In markets such as India and Latin America for example, smart phone handset penetration rates are currently less than 10%.

In mature markets the smart phone is typically sold as part of a Pay Monthly package with the MNO partly or wholly subsidising the purchase cost of the handset in return for an 18 month or 24 month contract term. There are signs that smart phones are also being sold into the Pre Pay sector, with individual MNOs providing "entry-level" versions of higher specification devices for purchase with Pre Pay mobile data coupons.

Price points covered in tabular output

* Type of price plan postpaid or prepaid
* Rental per month (or week, day) in local currency and Euros
* Included voice, SMS, MMS and data
* Excess usage charges for data, SMS and voice
* Details of contract terms
* Plus other relevant details relating to each price plan

Key Benefits

* First ever database in the market including Smartphone, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad price plans
* Allowing to quickly view which operators are offering which services at what price. For example with one key stroke you can view all prepaid plans, or which operator has the most attractive offering and what the offering includes.
* Updated quarterly in full, changes are clearly marked, giving you the opportunity to see price trends in developed as well as emerging markets.
* Output in tabular output and supported with a summary analysis paper produced with each update commenting on the key changes that occured since the last update.
* Pricing Analysis produced by the tariff team that has more than 25 years of experience in pricing.
* Each client is entitled to free enquiry service offering further information if required.

Subscription includes

* 1 spreadsheet holding prices for BlackBerry, iPad and iPhone for over 100 operators across all regions
* An update every quarter, changes made are highlighted
* Plus a summary report commenting on key changes
* Enquiry service

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