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Caseman, Inc Responds to Military Protective Packaging DemandFeatured PR

Amazon Space Engineered Case and Racks Added to Caseman Product Line
San Diego, CA, United States of America ( 08/06/2010

"Amazon Space Engineered Case and Racks Added to Caseman Product Line"

Virtually indestructible shipping cases are essential for US Military forces and Department of Defense support industries who are continually deploying necessary equipment to harsh environments with extreme temperatures. In response to this need, Caseman has extending its comprehensive line of protective cases and racks to include the latest polyethylene rotomolding technology manufactured by Amazon.

The Amazon line of tough rotomolded cases and 19” racks are ideal for defense, as well as , aerospace, security , marine, satellite and telecommunication applications . This product line gives all the advantages of rotomolding, as used in other product lines such as Hardigg and SKB, but limits the normal wasteful thick wall cavity and restrictive narrow top openings and bulky deep lids. “These features allow for more space for any given case size, “ says Rick Bohlman, Vice-President of Marketing & Sales.

Amazon racks include even more innovation. A lightweight stainless steel frame, suspended by eight anti-vibration mounts, provides superior sway space between the frame and the outer container. This design safeguards the most sensitive equipment. Additionally Amazon’s new generation of 19 inch racks (available from 4U to 12U) protect electronic, IT and AV equipment against climatic extremes and rough handling in field conditions. Racks include a removable “EasyGlide” inner frame option without loss of anti-vibration characteristics, to allow complete withdrawal of the 19 inch inner frame in constricted spaces or semi-permanent installations.

“We are excited to offer our military customers another superior product line that has so many external options ”, said Bohlman. Both Amazon cases and racks are each stackable. A universal interstacker is available which allows Amazon’s Racks to be stacked securely onto Amazon Cases. The same interstacker can be fitted with 4 x 4 inch castors to provide secure location and movement of heavy loads up to 660 lbs. Other features include removable lift-off lids, humidity indicator and pressure relief valves, padlockable catches, steel handles , tie down fittings, rack straps and a full selection of customization features.

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