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In our vast collection of kabbalah jewelry, this exquisite Ana Bekoach ring contains a timeless Hebrew prayer. A stunning piece of unisex jewish jewelry worn alone, when paired with a matching kabbalah bracelet or evil eye bracelet.
Tel-Mond, Tel-Mond, Israel ( 08/06/2012
Glory Holy Land is an extraordinary online store featuring the finest in kabbalah jewelry. They offer an expansive array of mystical items such as the evil eye bracelet—one of the most popular items in the kabbalah bracelet collection. Glory Holy Land's exclusive line of jewish jewelry includes many unique items, and they have recently added an especially striking piece to their collection: the exquisite Ana Bekoach ring.

Skillfully crafted of Sterling silver, and according to your size specifications, the inspired Ana Bekoach ring is artistically inscribed with the Hebrew words and characters "Ana Bekoach" which are also the first two words of an essential Kabbalistic prayer of the same name. The Kabbalah teaches that rabbi Nichunia ben ha Kane—a legendary sage—conceived of a time when spirituality would be lost to humanity and therefore he composed a prayer. The rabbi created it from an acronym of the mystical forty-two letters and called it "Ana Bekoach."

The purpose of this prayer is to release us from the fictional and deceptive reality in which we typically live, grounded solely in the five senses. "Ana Bekoach" is comprised of seven verses. The first character of each word in the verse, each conspire to construct seven letter sequences encompassing six letters each, which is a total of forty-two letters. Every verse of the seven sequences of the "Ana Bekoach" prayer can elevate one to a higher spiritual realm, to an enigmatic encryption of sorts, which then unites us to a channel of energy of a distinct stratum. Each of the seven sequences corresponds to one of the seven planets. Additionally, the words "Ana Bekoach" are essentially the wings of the heavenly angels (seven angels, with three pair of wings). Each pair of letters symbolizes the celestial wings which raise us to a higher realm; therefore the verses of Ana Bekoach are always recited in pairs.

"The stunning Kabbalah Jewelry from Israel offered by Glory Holy Land is not merely ornamentation. It is a symbol of thousands of years of faith, struggle, and hope - timeless, all-important concepts that anyone in the world can identify with.

Jewish Jewelry is a beautiful way to communicate your faith with others, and to remind yourself that you are not alone. People of many faiths and nationalities around the world have experienced the deep influence of the Jewish traditions, and collectors of Jewish Jewelry have found that we are truly dedicated to our heritage and our fellow human beings."—asserts Elad Hogen, proprietor of

Each piece Glory Holy Land's unique Kabbalah jewelry is expertly designed and handcrafted by most creative and inspired of Israeli artisans. Please visit and be amazed at the extensive and eclectic collections of Jewish gifts, jewelry and ritual items, as well as Kabbalah rings, pendants, bracelets, and more.



Each piece Glory Holy Land’s exceptional spiritual jewelry is skillfully designed and handcrafted by Israel’s most gifted and creative artistes. Please visit to see for yourself, the extensive array of kabbalah rings, bracelets, necklaces and all things Judaica.


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