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9 fabulous ideas to decorate your bathroomPremium PR

The bathroom is the most private place in our home, and although it is usually a narrow space, with a little imagination we can turn it into a functional space.
MIAMI, MIAMI, United States ( 12/02/2019
Decorating your bathroom can be a complicated task, however, with little work you can make it a functional place that will allow you to have a room full of amenities, keep order of the things you need, enjoy a private, unique and original space and create harmony and tranquility in your home.
If you want to renew your bathroom, in this article we offer you some ideas.
1. Walls are a priority
If you want your bathroom to look bigger than it really is, we recommend painting the walls light and pleasant to look at, such as white, blue, green and bone. These colors are extremely easy to combine, and additionally they are very elegant.
Depending on the size of our bathroom and the effect we want to achieve, we can play with the textures and colors of the walls to personalize it and make it more cozy. For example, in the bathroom spaces that do not have any type of contact with humidity, you can choose to use an artistic and outstanding background.
The color of the paint on the walls of your bathroom plays a very important role in the decoration of this space. For a formal, elegant and harmonious bathroom nothing better than neutral colors. Also, if the place is small, it is best to look for clear tones. Some colors that you may like are: beige, gray, white, apple green and light blue.
Mosaics are a trend of modern bathrooms because they allow to accentuate a nice focal point. Preferably, pick one that combines with the wall design and accessories.
For a more luxurious and contemporary design, opt for a more sober decoration that includes glass shower enclosures. With these a delicate and fine atmosphere is given to the design of the place. Yes, take advantage of the most lighted areas for better results.
If you prefer the most striking and unusual decorations for the walls of your bathroom, do not hesitate to try a colored tile construction. It will help you revolutionize the place and give it a more artistic touch.
Hand-painted murals are another option of having some art to your bathroom. You may hire someone or you may do it yourself. In any way you can create original and innovative graphics which combine with the rest of the elements. For this, it is required to have a special base such as a polished gypsum wall or marble, for example.
The paintings will always be one of the best ways to highlight the walls of your bathroom ... and any other area of the home. Look for a design that suits the room and, above all, that makes you feel comfortable when observing it in this place.
Another easy way to add space into your bathroom is using hangers for towels. The benefit of this is that they are constantly ventilated and without of bad odor.
No matter how big or small the bathroom is, the mirrors are your indispensable accessory. There are numerous designs and shapes which are useful to give a more modern touch. You can choose square, rectangular, oval, with or without frames.
For those who prefer more traditional approaches, there are stones, ceramic and other materials that can give a natural effect to the walls of your bathroom. If you balance it with accessories and a neutral paint color, you will achieve a perfect and harmonious combination.
Some alternative materials to tiles allow us to obtain walls with more dynamic and deep textures. These can be combined with a clear paint tone to be the highlight. However, these materials are recommended for large bathrooms, because in small ones it can make the room feel narrower.
2. Make it bigger than it really is
It is very important that you make the most of all the spaces, so we recommend adding some shelves under the sink. These will serve you to give a sense of spaciousness.
3. Lighting is an important factor
Lighting in a room is essential, and more when it comes to a bathroom. Thus, with an appropriate lighting scheme we can make it look cooler, bring colors to life and keep the space pleasing to the eye. White light bulbs are preferable because they do not produce heat and do not affect the harmony of the decoration.
4. A deep mirror
The mirror is a primordial object in the bathroom, and this is not only useful to see you. In addition, it also makes your bathroom a more elegant place, it creates the illusion of an open area, it decorates your bathroom without the need of scandalous adornments and it projects light to the entire room. Make sure that this is a large enough mirror, so you can fulfill all its functions.
5. The hanging organizers
They are an excellent idea when it comes to bathrooms and small rooms. These organizers will help you to decorate the space without much effort, to create an order aspect, to make the most of space and to organize all the small things that you have inside the bathroom. We recommend that the organizers to be of strong colors, as they will help to contrast the walls and give a wonderful touch to your bathroom.

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