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Youngraceful Reveals Micro Ring Hair Extensions Product LaunchFeatured PR

Youngraceful shares the release of their micro ring hair extensions.
Xuchang City, Henan, China ( 18/03/2019
Youngraceful, the top manufacturer of Remy hair extensions, launches today another type of hair extension which can be done using “micro rings or beads”. This new addition gives another option for their customers who are looking for efficient hair extension application.

“We are very happy to announce that micro ring hair extensions are now available here in Youngraceful. This is one of the best hair extensions we have in the market today. You can apply them to your natural hair with the use of micro rings or beads that are already attached to the hair extensions. Aside from the high-quality hair extensions that are only composed of 100% Remy human hair, they also suit the most to women with thick hair.” says Lily Li, one of Youngraceful’s sales team member.

Micro ring hair extensions are applied by looping the extensions through natural hair and clamping it down with a pair of pliers and a metal bead to finish. These hair extensions use a tiny aluminum ring, lined with silicone and finished in matching hair colors to gently grip your hair, meaning there is no glue, heat or braiding used to fix them in place.

Even though the application of micro ring hair extensions might look easy, but these hair extensions can’t actually be applied without the help of a professional hairdresser.

“A special tool is used to secure the bead to the hair and tightened to hold it in place. Although this method does not use heat or glue, if not installed correctly by a professional, micro link hair extensions can be damaging on the hair. The bead may be tightened too much, causing pressure and pulling at the roots, and if not removed properly, the hair can be pulled out.” Lily added.

Along with the Clip in, tape in, and pre-bonded hair extensions that were first launched in Youngraceful, micro ring hair extensions can also be customized according to the color, length, style, and volume needed by the customers.

Another great thing about the micro rings is they are suitable for different hair types .

“The qualities and features of our new micro ring extensions are of high quality with all other hair extensions we have here in Youngraceful. We want these extensions to be great enough for everyone’s choice of hair extensions. We also bow to keep them affordable so that all our customers can easily avail them.” Lily concluded.

About Youngraceful
Youngraceful is a China-based company that was founded in 1996. They have twenty solid years (and counting) of experience in supplying wholesale hair extensions. Today, they have employed more than 45 skilled workers who will manually operate their advanced sewing mechanisms to ensure that the 33 stages of the production process are met. All of their hair extensions are 100% Remy and of high-quality. They always put their customers first. They make sure that they deliver their products to their customers within 15 days after ordering, including the delivery at all times.

For company and product concerns, please contact Youngraceful at the following details:
Tel.: +86 13598081606
Fax: +86 0371 86557063
For information on their hair extensions products, please visit their website:

About Youngraceful

Youngraceful is a professional hair extension manufacturer, located in Xuchang, China. Founded in 1996, Youngraceful has more than 20 years of experience in custom 100% Remy hair extensions manufacturing service to simulate stylists’ creativity to change female look.


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