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How a Dentist in Houston is helping to learn about Dental Implants in an easy and affordable way!
Houston, Texas, United States ( 16/07/2019
Dental Implants Houston: How to replace your teeth in 2019

Learning about dental implants doesn’t have to be long and boring—this guide will help you learn everything you need to know, fast and easy.

In fact, the information presented in the following pages is the same type of information that we use to train our team when they need to learn about dental implants and implant procedures. With this essential information about dental implants in Houston, you will learn about the latest tooth replacement procedure and it will help you learn more about implants before your appointment or serve as a guide if you are considering dental implants as a course of dental treatment.
1. Understanding Why You Need a Dental Implant

Before we get into the ins-and-outs of exact dental implant procedures, it’s important to discuss why you may need a dental implant in the first place. The primary reason is simple:


Restoring functionality to your teeth is essential when you have missing teeth. Dental implants are one of the most common ways that this functionality is restored in the modern dental industry.


Think about what tooth or teeth you have missing in your mouth—why does it need to be replaced?

In other words:

do you know what each type of teeth actually does?

Let’s take a closer look at the types of teeth in your mouth in order to understand why a dental implant may be necessary to replace them.


Incisors are located in the front and center location of your mouth; they are split between four upper teeth and four lower teeth. These teeth are relatively small compared to other teeth, but they are essential for biting and cutting your food as you chew.

If you are missing incisors, you will have more difficulty biting and chewing your food into pieces.


Canines are sometimes referred to as your “vampire teeth” or your “fangs,” and with the primary function of these teeth being to tear and rip into food, it’s no wonder they have a fearsome reputation. You have 4 canines in your mouth; they are located next to your incisors.

If you are missing canines, then you will have a lot of difficulties when it comes to ripping and tearing food, especially foods like meats.


Your premolars are also known as your bicuspids. Premolars have a flatter and bigger biting surface compared to the previously mentioned teeth above. You have 8 molars—4 on each side. Their primary function is to grind, tear, crush and chew food.

If you are missing premolars, then you will have a lot of difficulty grinding, crushing and overall chewing your food.


Molars are the biggest teeth in your mouth. They serve the same function as premolars—chewing, grinding, and crushing—but their larger size allows them to break down food into even smaller pieces which can be swallowed with ease.

If you are missing molars, then you will have a lot of difficulty chewing, grinding and crushing food into smaller pieces.

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