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Press Releases from Ghana

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    African Summit 2013 on “Achieving Sustainable Developmental Goals Beyond 2015” to be Held Soon

    The 2nd African Summit conducted by the Elizka Relief Foundation will take place next month to discuss development policies and programs that would affect socio-economic development in the continent

    By : | 07-10-2013 | Society:Society | Total Views : 878

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    Typhoon DBMS Software releases Brand NEW Software Typhoon 1.0 Beta

    TyphoonDBMS Software today announces the release of 1.0 Beta Version of Typhoon . TyphoonDBMS a complex and efficient Java-based software (free) solution that enables you to easily access and manage tables on Oracle Database Servers.

    By : | 02-07-2015 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 1042

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    Scholarships to Study Abroad Provided by Chief

    Chief is one of the best International Education Agents that provides Higher Education Facilitation, Education Facilitation in Ghana, Scholarships in Ghana, Study abroad in US, International Education Agents, Higher education in US

    By : | 11-15-2011 | Education:College Or University | Total Views : 944